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Center for Latino and Latin American Studies

Latino Studies
Latino Studies
Latino Studies
Latino Studies
Latino Studies

Minor in Latino and Latin American Studies

The Center's interdisciplinary minor provides students with detailed information about the Latino experience in the United States as well as Latin American civilization. It benefits students interested in careers in teaching, public service, health care, law, business, the arts, the media, and other fields. The minor also provides Latino students with a broader understanding of their own history and culture.


Minor Courses in Latino and Latin American Studies 

CLLAS: Register week of  April 3 minor and graduate concentration courses

Fall 2017
Please consult MyNIU and course catalog to verify information.



NIU Latino Oral History Project


The Center for Latino and Latin American Studies is currently developing a collection of 
Latino oral histories on research that examines the study of labor history, migration 
studies, race and ethnicity, Latinos and public health, undocumented students and 
workers, gender and sexuality studies, and the history of Latino entrepreneurship 
in Northern Illinois.


Photograph by: Juan Manuel Fernandez



Scholarships and Grants for Graduate Students and Undergraduates

The Center sponsors a variety of scholarships and awards including:

The Center also promotes the Annual competitive research grants for faculty associates of the Center.

Upcoming Events


NIU Latin Jazz
Wednesday, April 12th at 8pm
School of Music Concert Hall

Ph.D. Candidate in History Matt Maletz (see attached flyer)
Representing Revolutionary Campesino Politics In Guatemala’s 1950 Huelga de Dolores
Thursday, April 13th at 5pm
Latino Center, Rm 121


Graduate Colloquium Speaker
Ken Hirth, Professor of Anthropology, The Pennsylvania State University
Monday, April 24 at 7 PM in Cole Hall rm.100: Merchants, Markets and Commerce in the Aztec World
Tuesday, April 25 at 12:30 PM in Cole Hall rm. B-55: Obsidian Craft Production at Teotihuacan, Mexico.

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