Faculty Associates

The Center's 24 faculty associates offer a variety of undergraduate and graduate courses in Latino and Latin American studies within their disciplines.

Gregory Beyer, D.M.A.  
School of Music:  Non-Western Instruments
Music Building 468

Daniel CabreraPh.D.
Faculty Development Center :  Multimedia Resources 
Adams Hall 312

Louise CiallellaPh.D.
Foreign Languages and Literature:  Spanish Literature and Film, gender and class    
Watson Hall 111

Mary Cozad, Ph.D.
Foreign Languages and Literature:  Romance Languages and Literature, 16th Century Spanish Literature 
Watson Hall 111

Mayra DanielEd.D.

Literacy Education:  English Language learners, Education in Guatemala 
Gabel Hall 147

Ibis Gómez-VegaPh.D.
English: Ethnic  American Literature, Caribbean and Cuban Literature, Women’s Studies 
Reavis Hall 215

Anne HanleyPh.D.

History:  Brazil, Economics, Municipal Finance 
Zulauf Hall 715

Kristin HuffinePh.D.
History:  Science, Race, and Power in Colonial Latin America
Zulauf Hall 715

Frances JaegerPh.D.
Foreign Languages and Literature:  Latin American Literature, Poetry, Panama-US Relations in Literature  
Watson Hall 111

Jorge JeriaPh.D.
Adult and Higher Education:  Popular and Non-Formal Education, Social Movements and Policy Making, and North American, Brazilian, Chilean, and Mexican Adult Education   Gabel Hall 200

Melissa LenczewskiPh.D.
Geologyand Environmental Geosciences:  Lacustrine Clays from Chalco Basin, Mexico, Biodegradation and sorption of MTBE and Ethanol in fine grain materials from Illinois and Mexico  
Davis Hall 312

Guadalupe LunaJ.D.
College of Law:  Property Law, Jurisprudence, and Agricultural Law  
Swen Parson 197

Eloy MerinoPh.D.
Foreign Languages and Literature:  20th-Century Spanish Literature 
Watson Hall 111

Eugene PerryPh.D.
Geology and Environmental Geosciences:  Mexico, Aqueous Geochemistry
Davis Hall 312

Area of interest: Mexico

Leila PorterPh.D.
Anthropology:  Bolivia, South American monkeys 
Stevens Bldg 104A

Area of interest: South America 

Robert RidingerPh.D.
M.L.S.:  Use of Languages, Retrieval of Local Gay and Lesbian History   
Electronic Resources
Founders Library

Linda SaboríoPh.D.
Foreign Languages and Literature:  Latina/o and Mexican Theater, Performance Studies, Culture Studies, and Film
Watson Hall 111

Area of interest: Mexico  

Francisco SolaresPh.D.
Foreign Languages and Literature:  Spanish Language and Literature, 19th-Century Historical Novels, and Modernismo
Watson Hall 111

Rodrigo VillanuevaM.M.
School of Music:  Jazz Studies  
Music Bldg 111

Simon Weffer, Ph.D.
Sociology:  Race and Ethnicity, Social Movements and Collective Behavior, Sports and Society, Latino and Latin American Civilization   
Zulauf 808