Faculty Associates

The Center's 24 faculty associates offer a variety of undergraduate and graduate courses in Latino and Latin American studies within their disciplines.

Gregory Beyer, D.M.A.  
School of Music:  Non-Western Instruments
Music Building 468

Daniel CabreraPh.D.
Faculty Development Center :  Multimedia Resources 
Adams Hall 312

Louise CiallellaPh.D.
Foreign Languages and Literature:  Spanish Literature and Film, gender and class    
Watson Hall 111

Mary Cozad, Ph.D.
Foreign Languages and Literature:  Romance Languages and Literature, 16th Century Spanish Literature 
Watson Hall 111

Winifred CreamerPh.D.
Anthropology:  Ancient Peru, Cultural Contacts and Exchange, the Pueblo People of New Mexico
Stevens Bldg 104

Mayra DanielEd.D.
Literacy Education:  English Language learners, Education in Guatemala 
Gabel Hall 147

Ibis Gómez-VegaPh.D.
English: Ethnic  American Literature, Caribbean and Cuban Literature, Women’s Studies 
Reavis Hall 215

Michael GonzalesPh.D.
History:  Mexico, Centennial Commemorations, Historical Memory, Race and Nationalism 
Director of CLLAS
Latino Center Bldg 113

Anne HanleyPh.D.
History:  Brazil, Economics, Municipal Finance 
Zulauf Hall 715

William HarrisonPh.D.
Foreign Languages and Literature:  Ibero-American and Spanish Cultures, Spanish, Swahili, and Portuguese grammar
Watson Hall 111

Kristin HuffinePh.D.
History:  Science, Race, and Power in Colonial Latin America
Zulauf Hall 715

Frances JaegerPh.D.
Foreign Languages and Literature:  Latin American Literature, Poetry, Panama-US Relations in Literature  
Watson Hall 111


Jorge JeriaPh.D.
Adult and Higher Education:  Popular and Non-Formal Education, Social Movements and Policy Making, and North American, Brazilian, Chilean, and Mexican Adult Education  
Gabel Hall 200

Jeff KowalskiPh.D.
School of Art:  Art and Architecture of Mesoamerica, Andean Region, Mayan Art  
Art Bldg 216

Melissa LenczewskiPh.D.
Geologyand Environmental Geosciences:  Lacustrine Clays from Chalco Basin, Mexico, Biodegradation and sorption of MTBE and Ethanol in fine grain materials from Illinois and Mexico  
Davis Hall 312

Rosita Lopez, Ed.D.
Leadership, Educational Psychology and Foundations:  Multilingual Education
Gabel Hall 159

Guadalupe LunaJ.D.
College of Law:  Property Law, Jurisprudence, and Agricultural Law 
Swen Parson 197

Eloy MerinoPh.D.
Foreign Languages and Literature:  20th-Century Spanish Literature 
Watson Hall 111

Eugene PerryPh.D.
Geology and Environmental Geosciences:  Mexico, Aqueous Geochemistry
Davis Hall 312

Area of interest: Mexico

Leila PorterPh.D.
Anthropology:  Bolivia, South American monkeys 
Stevens Bldg 104A

Area of interest: South America 

Robert RidingerPh.D.
M.L.S.:  Use of Languages, Retrieval of Local Gay and Lesbian History   
Electronic Resources
Founders Library

Linda SaboríoPh.D.
Foreign Languages and Literature:  Latina/o and Mexican Theater, Performance Studies, Culture Studies, and Film
Watson Hall 111

Area of interest: Mexico  

Francisco SolaresPh.D.
Foreign Languages and Literature:  Spanish Language and Literature, 19th-Century Historical Novels, and Modernismo
Watson Hall 111

Rodrigo VillanuevaM.M.
School of Music:  Jazz Studies  
Music Bldg 111