Nuestra Voz 

Undergrauate Research Journal on Latino and Latin American Topics


Nuestra voz is a research journal that promotes the studies and research of various aspects
of the Latino culture, dilemmas and identity. The journal serves as a platform for publication
for undergraduate research done by students at Northern Illinois University.


The journal will run under the Latino Studies Center under the supervision of the submission board.
Submission Board: 

• Dr. Kristin Huffine, Ph.D. (Advisor) - Responsible for oversight of student editors, completion of project,
  and journal integrity. 

• Jaime Camargo (Editor-in-chief) - The publication's editorial leader, having final responsibility for all
operations and policies. He/ She is held accountable for delegating tasks to staff members.
decides whether a submitted manuscript will be published. This decision is made by the editor-in-chief
after seeking input from reviewers
 selected on a basis of relevant expertise. 

• Rey Irizarry (supervising editor) - The first point of contact between the authors and the Editor-in-chief
and the larger volunteer staff. He/ She may giv input as to the selection of the volunteer staff and editorial
advisory board and held accountable for the completion of the final publication. The supervising editor consult
directly with the editorial advisory board.

Editorial Advisory Board

•    Dr. Simon Weffer
•    Dr. Stan Arnold
•    Tba
•    Tba

Research will be accepted from the following fields of study:

1)    Anthropology
2)    Communication
3)    Economics
4)    Foreign Languages and Literature
5)    Geography
6)    History
7)    Philosophy
8)    Political science
9)    Psychology
10)  Public administration
11)  Sociology

Submission Guidelines:

The yearly academic research journal is limited to the fields of study mentioned above that are scholarly
compositions/ research papers that must comprise of a minimum of ten pages and a maximum of 15.
A total of 10 academic journals will be published. Works submitted must be completed while the student
was/ is an undergraduate student at Northern Illinois University. All submissions must be submitted
electronically to  by the first friday of September.

Manuscript guidelines:   

•    Organized and concise (Title sections as necessary)
•    Times New Roman
•    12 point Font
•    Double Space
•    One inch margin
•    Last name along with page number on top right corner
•    Use of MLA, APA, or Chicago style writing format

Submission Structure:

•    Title page (which should include a single-spaced abstract)
•    If including any graphics (pictures, tables, charts, etc), it is up to the author to obtain copy right(s).
•    Include a reference page at the end of the paper that follows MLA, APA, or Chicago Style format.
•    Title page and reference page are not included in the minimum or maximum page count.

Time line: 

We will publish the journal at the end of Latino heritage month, which will culminate in an event.  
•    Submitting deadline for fall '14 is  September 5th. ( First Friday of September)
•    Editorial response to authors is by September 23rd. ( three week response time)
•    Students will have a two week time period to reedit before final publication on Oct 10th.
      (It is highly recommended to resubmit before Oct. 10th) 
•    Friday October 17th presentation of Nuestra Voz academic journals