Latino Center Mural

NIU Latino Oral History Project  

Help the Center for Latino and Latin American Studies develop a collection of
Latino oral histories on research that examines the study of labor history, migration
studies, race and ethnicity, Latinos and public health, undocumented students and
workers, gender and sexuality studies, and the history of Latino entrepreneurship
in Northern Illinois. 

Students’ Work on the Project

We are currently looking for one to two students who can help create and launch 
the research infrastructure for the program:  This will include putting together 
annotated bibliographies on Latino history and the history of Illinois and digitizing 
bibliographies at the Center for Latino and Latin American Studies.

Students participating in the project will have an opportunity to do the following:
Participate in a two course sequence, in which students interview Latino subjects
on twentieth-century historical themes including migration studies, labor history,
legal history, gender studies, public health and disease, social justice, sports
history, and activism around undocumented work and status.

Students will document the experience of Latinos in the Chicagoland region on one of
these topics, then write their research up in the form of a research paper.

Their interviews with Latino subjects will be deposited into the Illinois State Regional
History Archive, located on campus, with the aim of developing a collection of Latino
oral histories.

This project will also include cataloging oral histories and transcribing tapes of oral
interviews in Spanish and/or English at the Regional History Center in the Founder’s
Memorial Library at Northern Illinois University.  It is possible to get three units of
internship credit that can count toward the Latino and Latin American Studies minor.  

If interested you can register for Oral History 494 during the fall semester of 2014.

For event information call: (815) 753-1531, or email: