luis sahagun

NIU Latino Oral History Project  

The Center for Latino and Latin American Studies is currently developing a collection of
Latino oral histories on research that examines the study of labor history, migration
studies, race and ethnicity, Latinos and public health, undocumented students and
workers, gender and sexuality studies, and the history of Latino entrepreneurship
in Northern Illinois. 

We are currently looking for one to two students who can help  with interviewing Latino
subjects, researching Latino history, digitizing historical documents, transcribing mp3
files in Spanish and English, and heling with cataloguing interviews.

It is possible to get three units of internship credit that can count toward the Latino
and Latin American Studies minor.  

If interested contact Dr. Kristin Huffine at 753.1532 or Sandy López at 753.8281
you can register for Oral History 494 during the fall semester of 2015.