luis sahagun

NIU Latino Oral History Project  

The Center for Latino and Latin American Studies is currently developing a collection of Latino oral histories on research that examines the study of labor history, migration studies, race and ethnicity, Latinos and public health, undocumented students and workers, gender and sexuality studies, and the history of Latino entrepreneurship in Northern Illinois. 

This Oral History Project is a student and faculty research initiative that  together with people from the Dekalb/Sycamore, Chicago, and the northern-Illinois region work to identify historical conditions and events that have helped shape the twentieth-century Latino experience.

In addition, the Center for Latino and Latin American studies is partnering with the Office of Student Engagement and Experiential Learning for a second year 
to provide funds for the NIU Oral History Project for the summer of 2016. This project will be composed of a team of faculty, graduate and undergraduate students. The objective is to document local experience with immigration during the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. Special interest will be paid to interviewing the earliest immigrants to the Chicago region who arrived during the 1920s, just after the Mexican Revolution