Annotated Bibliographies

These annotated bibliographies can help you find sources that are relevant to your
project. They are good places to search for books and articles that can provide context
for your interviews. Each covers a separate theme. They provide a bibliographic entry
for each source to help you find it. Call numbers are provided for books and essays in
published collections. Journal articles can be found by using the “citation linker” on the
university library’s website. Some sources are collected in binders that can be found in
the Center for Latino and Latin American Studies library. For annotated entries,
bibliographic information is followed by a summary of the source’s argument and
evidence so that you can see if it will help your essay. These bibliographies are works
in progress, so not all entries are annotated. The bibliographies will be updated
frequently with new summaries and additional sources.


Latinos in Illinois Bibliography

Latinos in the U.S. Bibliography

Oral History Bibliography