Dr. Luo’s current research focuses on terrestrial and Martian surface processes, GIS application in public health and linguistic geography, and Web-based technology in enhancing teaching and learning. Most of his research topics are interdisciplinary in nature and involves collaboration with other researchers.

Specific areas include:


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06/13 – 08/17 PI, Estimating Global Volume of Excavation by Fluvial Processes on Mars: Inferring Volume of Water and Its Implications, NASA – Mars Data Analysis Program (grant # NNX13AK65G, $290,905)

08/12 – 08/16 PI (with Co-I Jon Pelletier at University of Arizona), WILSIM2, The Next Generation Landform Simulator, NSF – Transforming Undergraduate Education in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics Program (TUES) (award # DUE-1140375, $236,031, NIU portion)

05/08 – 05/12 PI (with Co-I Tomasz Stepinski at Lunar and Planetary Inst.), Global GIS Database of Drainage on Mars, NASA – Mars Data Analysis Program ($353,401)

09/06 – 02/11 Co-PI (with PI John F. Hartmann and Co-PI Fahui Wang), A Regional Approach to Spatial Analysis of Tai Toponyms in Southern China and Southeast Asia Using GIS, NSF – Human and Social Dynamics ($124,963)

02/04 – 01/09 Co-PI (with PI Liping Di at George Mason Univ.), Mobilization of NASA EOS Data and Information through Web Services and Knowledge Management Technologies for Higher Education Teaching and Research, NASA – Earth Science REASoN: Research, Education and Applications Solutions Network: A Distributed Network of Data and Information Providers for Earth Science Enterprise Science, Applications and Education ($70,000, subcontract)

05/05 – 05/08 PI (with Co-I Kathy Kitts), MARS Valley Networks Project: Martian Valley Network Analysis Run-off or Sapping? NASA – Education and Public Outreach (E/PO) program ($30,000)

05/04 – 05/08 PI (with Collaborators Alan Howard at Univ. of Virginia and Ray Arvidson at Washington Univ.), Comprehensive Morphometric Analysis of Martian Valley Network Basins: Evaluating Relative Role of Groundwater Sapping vs. Surface Runoff, NASA – Mars Data Analysis Program ($187,032)

03/02 – 02/04 Principal Investigator (with Kirk Duffin and Jay Stravers), “Web-Based Interactive Simulation of Landform Evolution,” Course, Curriculum and Laboratory Improvement (CCLI) program, National Science Foundation ($75,000)

09/01 – 08/03 Principal Investigator (with Fahui Wang and Carolinda Douglas), “Primary Care Physician Shortage & Spatial Accessibility,” Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ), Department of Health and Human Services ($100,000)

06/00 – 05/01 Principal Investigator, “Physician Shortage Area and Health Care Accessibility: A GIS approach,” NIU-Social Science Research Institute, Faculty Fellowship for 2000-2001 ($11,956)


Web-based Interactive Landform Simulation Model – Cellular Automata (WILSIM-CA) (funded by NSF).

Web-based Interactive Landform Simulation Model – Grand Canyon (WILSIM-GC) (funded by NSF).

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