Printing from Anywhere

Three ways to use Anywhere Print

  1. Print from a computer lab.  See how.
  2. Print from your personal laptop or home computer. Install the Popup Client on your personal laptop or home computer, process detailed below.
  3. Email your document to, some limitations exist see Mobile Print for more information.

Note: Anywhere printing requires Huskie Bucks on your NIU OneCard or a VTS card.

Install Popup Client

  1. Go to
  2. Select either Windows Or Mac Uniprint Client
  3. Read & accept license agreement
  4. Click install
  5. Click finish once installation is complete


  1. Select File > Print from your application.
  2. Select the UniprintQueue on VM-PHAROSPRINT1.NIUNT.NIU.EDU as your printer. Note: All copies and prints default to "black and white" unless you change the default to "color" in Print Properties.
  3. When presented with the Popup, enter your Z ID if you're paying with OneCard Huskie Bucks. If you are paying with VTS, enter the 6 digit number on the front of the VTS card.

Pick up your print

  1. Swipe your OneCard, or VTS card, at any Anywhere Printer.  See Map
  2. Select your PRINT. Note: you will only see YOUR prints
  3. Select PRINT.
  4. Select LOG OUT, and Colect your print. See image 

Note: You have up to 24 hours to release your print.