Phone & Voice Services

Replying to and Forwarding CallPilot Messages


  1. At the end of the message, press 71.
  2. Press 5 to record your reply (wait for the tone), then press # when you are done recording.
  3. To listen, press 2. To re-record, press 5 at the beginning of the message. Wait for the tone, then re-record, and press # to end recording.
  4. Press 79 when you are ready to send your reply.


  1. At the end of the message, press 73.
  2. Enter the mailbox (phone) number to which you want to forward the message, then press #.
  3. Press # again if no other destinations are desired OR
    1. If you want to forward the message to more than one mailbox, enter the next mailbox number and press #. Repeat this process for each destination.
    2. Next, press 5, and record an introduction to the forwarded message. Press # when you are done.
    3. To send the message, press 79.