Caller's Guide for Residence Hall Telephones

Caller's Guide for Residence Hall Telephones

New for academic year 2011-2012 for Stevenson Towers North and South and for Grant North – C Tower only! No phone service will be provided in these halls unless requested. Students may review the offering on-line, but the service request must be made in person at the Telecommunications Center (TS114).

Pricing: $140.00/semester (fall & spring), $70.00 for summer plus $40.00 installation

Package includes:

  • Phone with Display
  • Unlimited local & domestic long distance calling
    • International calling available upon request at listed rates
  • Voice Mail
  • Caller ID
  • 3-way call
  • Speed Call list
  • Auto Redial (*66)
  • Auto Callback (*69)
  • Call Trace
  • Call Waiting
  • Customer Care maintenance package

Authorization Code

Students in Northern Illinois University’s residence halls, including Northern View Community, are assigned an authorization code. This code may be used in the student’s own room or any room in the residence hall system. It may also be used at the lobby phones in the residence halls and at house phones located in various buildings around campus including Holmes Student Center and Founders Library.

Since the code is “portable,” students must keep it confidential. Lost or stolen codes must be reported to 753-8100 ITS Helpdesk. If you call after hours, press 2 to leave a message for a callback. If a student forgets the code, it can be accessed by going to: Log on with your AccountID (Z-ID) and password.

Dialing Instructions

NIU Emergency Services 911
NIU Non-Emergency Services 753-1212
Customer Assistance  
- Telephone Repair
- Billing Questions
- Dialing, Feature, and VoiceMail Information
Local Calls  
- NIUCampus Dial 7-digit number
- Local Area (DeKalb, Sycamore, Creston, Genoa, Hinckley, Kirkland, Malta, Maple Park, Shabbona, and Waterman), long distance, and toll free Dial 1 + 10-digit number + authorization code
International 011 + Country Code + City Code + Local Number + authorization code
Directory Assistance  
- NIU 0#
- DeKalb/Sycamore 1411 + authorization code
- All Other Areas 1 + Area Code + 555-1212 + authorization code

Telephone Bills Online

Telephone bills for students are available online. To access your bill, go to At the AccountID prompt, enter your Z-ID (see AccountID (Z-ID) and Password. For your password, enter your AccountID (Z-ID) password provided to you when you moved into the residence halls. You can print your bill if you are in a location with a printer. The bill is paid at the Bursar’s office as usual. You can also price calls on this site.

Long Distance Services

Long distance and operator services for calls placed from university telephones are carried by Verizon. Consumers have a right to know how to access their preferred interstate carrier. Contact your preferred carrier for access information.

Customers may direct inquiries to:
FCC Enforcement Division
CCB, Mail Stop 1600A2
Washington, DC 20554

Phones Provided

Maestro Phone
With the exception of Northern View Community, a Maestro phone is provided. Please see the graphic below for information about that phone.

Cordless Phone
Residents and all residence hall staff members at Northern View Community are provided with a cordless phone.