Mailing List Login and Password

List Members - A list of all the public mailing lists on the ITS list server. Get more information about a list or subscribe, unsubscribe or change your preferences.

List Moderators - Specify the list name in the URL to access the moderator login page for your list.  Normally you should use the link provided in the e-mail notification of pending moderator requests.

List Administrators - List administrators log in and change their list configuration here. Review the List Administrator Options Guide before configuring your list. Administrators also have access to the List Moderator interface so they can process moderator requests.  


List Members

You are assigned a password when you subscribe to a mailing list. If you do not explicitly create a password when you subscribe, you can have your automatically generated password e-mailed to you from the List Member web interface. 

  • List members can have monthly password reminders sent to them if they choose. See List Member.
  • If you forget your list member password, contact the list administrator and request your membership removed and re-added.  A new password will be automatically generated when you are added to the list.
  • ITS does not reset list member passwords.

List Moderators

List moderators receive their moderator password from the list administrator. The list moderator password is shared among all list moderators.   

  • If you foget your list moderator password, contact the list administrator.
  • ITS does not reset list moderator passwords. 

List Administrators

The list administrator password is issued when the list is initially created by ITS. The list administrator password is shared among all list owners. 

  • If you forget your list administrator password, send a request to have your administrator password reset at The request must be sent from an e-mail account registered as a list administrator to be processed. A new password will be sent to you within two business days.