Configuring Prosoft Netware 2 on Mac OS X 

Setting Preferences

With the Prosoft 2 Netware browser open, select Preferences from the Netware Browser menu.

User Defaults Tab

user defaults tab

Under the User Defaults tab of the Preferences window, Next to Tree, type: NIU
Type the context for your Novell AccountID in the Context area. You can select  “Use These As Defaults” and “Show Login Window At Launch” if you want these items to show up automatically.

Service Location Tab

sevice location tab

Fill in the Service Location Tab as shown above,
Add the following two IP addresses to the Static Directory Agent List:
The “Directory Agent” radio button should be selected and “NIU” should be typed to the right of the IP addresses.
(Double-click in the field next to the IP addresses to be able to type “NIU”)
Click on the Save button to save these settings.

Login Window

login window

For Username, type in your Novell AccountID.
Next to Password, type in your Novell password.
Next to Tree, type: NIU
Next to Context, put in your NDS context if it doesn’t appear.
(You can browse to select it if you prefer by clicking on the Contexts button to the right of the Context field.)
Click on the Login button to connect.

Browse Tab

browse tab

Once, you are logged in, you can browse to mount a network volume.

mount network volume 

Locate the Network volume you want to access, and click on the Mount button.

Mounts Tab

mounts tab

Once you have mounted a volume, you can choose to have it automatically mount when you log in again. 
To do so, select the Mounts tab and put a check next to the volumes you want automatically mounted.

Logging Out

To log out of NDS, select the Logout tab and then click the Logout button.
(If your Logout window is not open, you can open it by selecting NDS Logout from the Netware menu.)