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Taking quizzes

  • Do not take the quiz until you are ready.
  • Close down other programs running on the computer.
  • Do not wait until the last second to take the quiz. If something goes wrong there might not be enough time to resolve the issue.
  • If possible, use one of the certified browsers to take the quiz. Other browsers can cause problems.
  • If you are working on a dial-up connection, make sure your ISP time-out settings are set to the maximum allowed time.
  • Do not resize or refresh your screen after loading the quiz. Most browsers refresh the page when you resize the screen so it will try to reload the quiz.
  • To start the quiz, click the link only once. Sometimes it takes a while to load the quiz (give it at least a full minute). If, after clicking once, nothing happens for a while, then contact the proctor or e-mail your instructor immediately. Do not keep clicking. If you click twice, you will get a message saying you already took the quiz and you will not be able to get in again unless the instructor has allowed for multiple attempts.
  • Do not use the back and forward buttons on the Internet browser to move to and from the quiz; instead use the arrow keys to navigate. If the test allows it and you do move backward through a quiz that includes essay or short answer questions, be sure to check that your answer has not disappeared from a text box when you move forward again.
  • Blackboard is case sensitive, so if the instructor used "physics" as the question answer and you answer "Physics" Blackboard will score it as incorrect. Your instructor may give you credit for writing an answer in upper case or misspelling the answer. Consult your instructor when you suspect Blackboard failed to credit a correct answer.
  • Do not click on the button to submit the quiz until you are either done or have run out of time. Do click Submit when you are done.