This form is for Graduate Student (Master's and Doctoral) use only. This form may be used only by enrolled, degree-seeking students who wish to move from one specialization (applied mathematics to mathematics, for example) within the same department and by students who, after successful completion of their qualifying examinations and other requirements, wish to change their degree-level (i.e. MS to Ph.D.). Not all departments permit students to pass from one degree-level to another with re-applying. Consult the department to determine its admission requirements.

Student Information

Major/Specialization Information

If you wish to apply to a program in a department other than you one to which you are currently admitted, you must submit a new application. Upon your request, the supporting materials you submitted for admission to your current program will be forwarded, if the graduate school has retained those items. It is the student’s responsibility to ensure that an application dossier is complete and that it is completed in a manner consistent with graduate school and program-level deadlines.