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AccountID / Z-ID & Password

Your Student Z-ID & Password


All applicants and admitted students are assigned a Z-ID. It is permanent. 

If you don't know your Z-ID:

  • Applicants: Call 815-753-8100 (24/7/365).
  • Admitted students: Call 815-753-8100 (24/7/365) or look up your Z-ID in the Directory - your email address starts with your Z-ID.


Your initial password

Your initial password is your birthdate in YYYYMmmDD format. It allows only 5 logins.

  • Mmm is the first 3 characters of the Month.
  • Example: January 1, 1993 = 1993Jan01

Change your initial password right away at
Your new password will expire in 365 days.

Change your password

You can change your password at any time at

Need help?  ITS Helpdesk.