LAHES – NIU Executive Diploma in Leadership

The LAHES – NIU Executive Diploma in Leadership is a joint program of Northern Illinois University (NIU) – International Training Office (ITO) & LAUGFS Higher Education Services (LAHES).


The transition from being a great individual contributor to being a leader of others is one of the most important and challenging career stages. It involves gaining the required know-how, added skills and also the right attitude. The ‘LAHES – NIU Executive Diploma in Leadership’ addresses the development needs of this transition of current and aspiring leaders.

A leader in today’s context needs to be equipped with a multitude of skills. The required skills keep changing, with the changing business landscape. LAHES-NIU Executive Diploma in Leadership aims at creating awareness in the participants and provides a pragmatic, personalized leadership journey over five weeks.

The key unique feature in the Diploma is the 3-weeks the participants spend at NIU in the United States. During the 3-weeks, the participants will not only enhance their knowledge and acquire new skills, but also get the exposure of learning in a foreign university environment. The refreshing learning experience will add value to the participants at a personal and professional level, as well as transcend to the organizational level and contribute towards business success.

Program content

The program covers 5 essential areas that can make or break a Leader:

• Understanding your Personality and putting it to work

This module is done at LAHES, in Sri Lanka. The module creates awareness in the participants on different personality types that exist and how to strike and maintain professional relationships with all. The participants will gain an understanding of why they do what they do on a daily basis and learn to appreciate diversity in the workplace.

• Essential Leadership Skills

This module will be done at NIU, in the U.S.A. Leadership is a broad subject and the skills involves varies across a great spectrum. This module will cover the essential Leadership Skills required for a person to perform effectively in today’s business landscape. The Skills learnt in this module are universal and will help the participants throughout their careers.

• Creative and Critical Thinking

This module will be done at NIU, in the U.S.A. Irrespective of the industry and organization, it is essential for today’s leaders to have the ability to think creatively as well as critically. The participants will learn to question and judge theirs and others’ thinking patterns as well as be imaginative, insightful and innovative.

• Intercultural Communication

This module will be done at NIU, in the U.S.A. Sri Lanka is fast changing with a booming economy. The workforce is changing at a greater pace and becoming more heterogeneous. The ability to understand and clearly communicate is vital for effective business operations, whether one is engaged in business with foreign country, foreign individuals or even locals. Participants will learn to relate to others who are different from them. The knowledge and skills gained from this module will enable the participants to work effectively and ‘fit in’ to any work situation and place.

Designing your life: Time and Self-Management

This module is done at LAHES, in Sri Lanka. The module drives a strong message and creates awareness in the participants in terms of their priorities and how they spend their time on various activities, at present. The participants are forced to take a helicopter view of their life and design the rest of their life’s journey in order to achieve their goals and dreams.

Key Outcomes:

  • Cultivate a sense of self-awareness through identification of personal leadership vision, style and values
  • Acquire confidence and tools to create a personal vision and set direction for greater success.
  • Develop critical, creative and reflective thinking abilities to lead towards common goals.
  • Demonstrate an understanding and sensitivity of human differences and effective teamwork.
  • Demonstrate communication skills and the ability to interrelate with others.

Program Duration:  5 weeks

Module Date Location
 Understanding your Personality and putting
 it to work
 4th week March  LAHES, Sri Lanka  
 Essential Leadership Skills  1st week April  NIU, USA  
 Creative and Critical Thinking  2nd week April  NIU, USA  
 Intercultural Communication  3rd week April


 Designing your life: Time and Self-Management  4th week of April  LAHES, Sri Lanka

*To be confirmed by NIU. Once confirmed, LAHES will decide the final fee to be charged.

Certificate of Achievement which is co-branded - LAHES and NIU.

Target audience:

  • Employees of the public and private sectors, who are being groomed to take up leadership positions in organizations.
  • A total of 15 - 20 participants to be enrolled.