Northern Illinois University



  • Integration of Pedagogy and Content - Chair: Dr. Majumdar
    Works with the Curriculum Task Group to map out the curriculum to both Illinois State and professional standards. It also works to incorporate into the curriculum various ways for instructors to teach the content in both middle schools and high schools.
  • Industry Liaison and Work Force Development - Chair: Dr. Promod Vohra
    Responsible for creating partnerships and internships for the students in the implementation phase. The committee also reviews the curriculum to ensure that it meets industry needs.
  • Career and Technology - Chair: Dr. Rahn
    Facilitates meaningful discussions among the teachers from the CTE departments and the college preparation departments. The committee also takes up the responsibility of bridging any gaps and increasing the rigor of all of the courses.
  • Evaluation Plan and Needs Assessment - Chair: Dr. Mansour Tahernezhadi
    Responsible for working with the evaluator to conduct needs assessment. It is also responsible for drafting and implementing the evaluation plan, and for providing quarterly formative evaluations. The committee helps by providing the leadership needed to draft the Phase II proposal request.
  • Curricular Design and Approval - Chair: Dr. Mansour Tahernezhadi
    Responsible for designing the required curriculum for the ITEAMS program with endorsements. The committee advocates for the curriculum through NIU process and submittal to state for approval. It is also responsible for identifying the sustainability of the curriculum.
  • Technology Integration - Chair: Dr. Haji Sheikh
    Responsible for designing and implementing web-based technologies in instructional design. The committee also works with the curriculum developers by integrating technology into courses.
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  • Action Research - Chair: Michelle Erb
    Provides guidance on quality and research- based action research. The committee also provides leadership by ensuring that the curriculum has a teacher leadership strand.
  • Student Identity Development - Chair: Dr. Smith
    Provides guidance in how to include content and activities in the curriculum, to help understand student identity development, and to help students see themselves in STEM careers.