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Standards & Benchmarks

To acquire endorsements for educational programming, it is necessary to maintain a certain level of standardization throughout the program. ITEAMS implements a number of specific standards that must be practiced by its members throughout the duration of the project. The following links below provide information regarding the requirements that are necessary for the ITEAMS program and its standards.

Regional Office of Education Minimum Requirements

To ensure that individuals are highly qualified and licensed for employment in the Illinois Public School system, applicants seeking certification must meet the requirements specific to the type of certificate that they are seeking. Listed is a description of each State of Illinois issued certificate and its specific requirements for qualifying. An explanation of how to apply for a certificate is also mentioned. For complete details, see the ROE Minimum Requirement Document at:

Teacher Leadership Regulations

Beginning July 1, 2007, endorsements as a Teacher Leader will be available to those that fulfill the requirements in the following document: Teacher leadership (doc).

GPRA Indicators and Evaluation Rubric

Under the Government Performance and Results Act (GPRA), all federal agencies are required to develop indicators in order to report to the U.S. Congress on federal program impacts and outcomes. For your information and use, a list of the GPRA indicators developed for the MSP Program is provided at GPRA Indicators (doc).

Categorization of MSP-RETA Tools

The categorization of MSP-RETA tools via guide to PD program Quality Rubric and also Evaluation from CCSSO Draft modifications for IMSP are provided at: Categorization of MSP-RETA Tools (doc).

Learning Standards

See Learning Standards (pdf)