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ITEAMS - Integrated Technology & Engineering to Advance Math and Science

Integrated Technology and Engineering to Advance Math and Science (ITEAMS) is a partnership program between Northern Illinois University and high-need school districts. Within the program, a cohort of twenty five teachers from the high-need partnering school districts plan to complete their masters' degrees in Interdisciplinary Engineering.

ITEAMS is meant to achieve various goals such as improving the knowledge of a teacher's subject matter, strengthening the quality of math and science instruction, and promoting student achievement. Also, to promote strong teaching skills through access to experts with the integration of scientifically based research, technology-based teaching methods, and by increasing the understanding and application of scientific based research in both math and science. State and Federal elements are also involved by including teacher leadership, pedagogical content knowledge, frontier science content, teacher action research, and the use of technology and internships.

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