Student Organizations

Alpha Pi Mu By-Laws


Section 1: Name

The name of this organization shall be Northern Illinois University Chapter of Alpha Pi Mu, Industrial Engineering Honor Society, hereinafter referred to as the Chapter.

Section 2: The Authority of the By-laws

The authority of the By-laws in governing the Chapter shall conform to Northern Illinois University regulations concerning honor societies and other student organizations.


It shall be among the purposes of the Chapter to:

  • To confer recognition upon the student of industrial engineering who has shown exceptional academic interests and abilities in the field of industrial engineering.
  • To encourage participation in those activities which may be beneficial to the profession of industrial engineering.
  • To encourage wherever possible any movement which will advance the best interest of industrial engineering education.
  • To further unify the student body of the Department of Industrial Engineering in presenting its need and ideals to the Faculty.
  • To create a closer student-faculty relationship by periodically bringing together the thoughts and needs of both.
  • To assist and cooperate with all organizations and persons working for the interests of industrial engineering.
  • To benefit its members by the association and experience that can come from bringing together a group with similar interests, objectives and abilities.
  • To promote the professional development and welfare of its members.


Section 1: Active Membership

There shall be but one class of active members.

Active membership shall be open to those undergraduate students duly registered in the industrial engineering program, who are ranked as juniors or seniors and are in good and regular standing.

Only those juniors who have maintained an average scholastic grade in the upper one-fifth and those seniors who have maintained an average scholastic grade in the upper one-third of the industrial engineering class of which they are a member shall be eligible for active membership.

Other requirements for membership shall be leadership, ethicality, sociability, and widespread interest.

In the case of students whose eligibility is in doubt because of irregular standing or curriculum, the matter shall be referred to the National Executive Council for appropriate action.

Membership in any other fraternity or society shall not debar a student from active membership in Alpha Pi Mu.

Transfer students ranked as juniors or seniors who have transferred from some other institution or school or from some other engineering program within this school shall be eligible for active membership provided they have maintained a scholastic average in the upper one-fifth, if a junior, or upper one-third if a senior, of the class from which they transferred and provided they maintain this average for one term after the transfer.

Graduate students may be eligible for active membership, provided they are in regular standing or candidates for a degree and have a written recommendation from the Chair of the department of Industrial Engineering or by the Faculty Advisor designated by the department Chair.

Section 2: Alumni Membership

Any graduate Industrial Engineer, from a school now having a chapter of Alpha Pi Mu, who during his/her scholastic career fulfilled the requirements for membership, may be eligible for alumni membership providing (s)he received his/her degree during a period when the school was accredited by the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (ABET).

Any active member, upon completion of his/her studies with the Industrial Engineering Department in which (s)he was initiated, shall become an alumni member.

A member having received a degree at one institution and pursuing an advanced degree at Northern Illinois University may apply to the Chapter to have his/her alumni membership reverted to active membership, pursuant to these By-laws, if so desired.

Prospective alumni members shall be formally initiated according to the prescribed ritual by the Chapter.

Section 3: Faculty Membership

Faculty membership may be granted to a faculty member of the Department of Industrial Engineering, who has made an outstanding contribution to education in the field of industrial engineering, upon review and approval of his/her credentials by the National Executive Council. Active soliciting of prospective faculty members by the Chapter may not be undertaken prior to the approval by the Executive Council of such prospective faculty members.

Faculty member qualifications and submission of those qualifications to the National Office shall be in accordance the national Constitution.

The faculty member is initiated at the regularly scheduled initiated ceremony following receipt of written approval from the National Executive Director.

Section 4: Initiation of Members

All candidates for membership shall be initiated according to the prescribed ritual.


Section 1: Categories of Officers

The chapter officers shall consist of a president, vice-president, corresponding secretary, recording secretary, treasurer and faculty advisor.

Section 2: Duties

The president shall preside at all meetings of the chapter and shall appoint the chair and members of each committee.

The vice-president shall be a member of all committees and shall preside at chapter meetings in the president's absence.

The corresponding secretary shall be responsible for all correspondence and reports directed to the National Office and shall be responsible for compiling the Annual Report.

The recording secretary shall record and copy all resolutions of the chapter. The secretary shall also inform active members of meetings.

The treasurer shall advise the chapter on all expenditures of funds, shall maintain a complete record of financial transactions, and shall prepare disbursement requests for signature of the faculty advisor.

Section 3: Nominations

Nominations shall be called for and accepted from the floor at the time of the election.

Section 4: Time of Election

Election of officers shall take place during a regularly scheduled meeting immediately following an initiation. That meeting shall be the first meeting of the Spring Quarter.

Section 5:

Election of officers shall be by secret ballot. The votes shall be counted during the meeting at which the election is held. The count shall be made by a teller committee appointed by the president. Election shall be by majority vote of those present. In case of three or more nominees, none of whom receive a majority, a second ballot shall be taken on the two nominees receiving the greatest number of votes. Ties shall be broken by an action of the president.

Section 6: Assumption of Office

Newly elected officers will take office immediately upon election.

Section 7: Vacancies

In case an officer resigns or is unable or unwilling to keep office, the president shall appoint a replacement. If the office of president becomes vacant, the vice president shall become president and shall appoint a new vice president. In the case where the offices of president and vice president both become vacant, the faculty advisor shall appoint a president and the new president shall appoint a vice president. An appointed officer may be nominated for the same office at the next election.

Section 8: Removal

An officer may be removed from office for failure to live up to the constitution and for the performance of some act that brings discredit upon the member or the Society, or for any just cause as shall be ruled upon by the chapter itself. The method of Removal is by vote of three-fourths of the active membership of the chapter uponcharges presented and signed by four active members of that chapter.

Section 9: Faculty Advisor

The chapter shall have an advisor over 21 years of age who shall be a full-time member of the faculty of the Department of Industrial Engineering at NIU. The advisor must be a member of Alpha Pi Mu.

The advisor's responsibilities include attendance at each meeting and club function, and signing disbursement requests.


Section 1: Frequency

The chapter shall hold a minimum of six (6) meetings during each academic school year. For the purpose of this requirement, a quorum must be present.

Special meetings may be called at any time at the discretion of the president of the chapter.

Section 2: Quorum

A quorum at a regularly scheduled meeting shall consist of those active members of the chapter in attendance.

A quorum at a special meeting shall consist of two-thirds of the active membership of the chapter.

No member may be allowed to vote on any matter by proxy.


Section 1: Initiation Fees

The initiation fee shall be $40.00 for active members, $40.00 for alumni members, and $50.00 for faculty members. There shall be no annual dues.

Section 2: Usage

All moneys received by this organization shall be deposited in, and disbursed from, a local federally insured bank approved by the faculty advisor.


Section 1: Eligibility

At the time of assuming responsibility for a committee and during tenure of office, a committee chairman must meet all the eligibility requirements as stated by the university.

Section 2: Executive Committee

The officers of the chapter shall constitute the executive committee. The president shall be the chairman of the executive committee.


All proposed amendments to this chapter must be submitted at the meeting prior to the meeting at which a vote is taken on the proposed amendments. A three-fourths vote of the members in attendance shall be required for all amendments. Such amendments shall become effective upon approval by the National Executive Council.


The corresponding secretary will submit the Chapter Agenda Report, Operating Reports, Initiation Report, Annual Chapter Report, and Income Tax Report to the National Office in accordance with the National Office Manual of Alpha Pi Mu Association.