Student Organizations

Chapter Activities

  • Participated in the establishment of the departmental Outstanding Undergraduate and Graduate Student of the Year Awards during 1994.
  • Alpha Pi Mu Scholarships: Have offered so far scholarships totaling $3,500 to 14 undergraduate students in the Department of Industrial Engineering at NIU. This is a significant accomplishment considering that the chapter is fully self-supported.
  • Participated in the arrangement of Plant tours: The members of Alpha Pi Mu, NIU chapter, along with Institute of Industrial Engineers arranged for a plant tour to visit United Parcel Service distribution facilities in Rockford, Illinois. This tour was arranged by Natalie Rhode, Chapter Secretary for 1996-1997.
  • Participated in the Industry day: This is a new and innovative event of this year (1996), several Industries were invited to participate in this event. The representatives of the industries were taken for a college tour to explore the facilities available at the College of Engineering. This event was made possible through the efforts of Kristin Brynteson (Senior, May'96), chapter member.
  • Participated in the College Student Advisory Committee: A representative of Alpha Pi Mu, NIU chapter, participates in the Student Advisory Board of the College of Engineering and Engineering Technology. The Student Advisory Board recommends the Dean of college on various student related activities and concerns.
  • Contributions to the Industrial Engineering Profession: Alpha Pi Mu member, Kristin Brynteson gave a presentation on " The use of computer simulation both in classroom and in real-world problem solving" to a group of university administrators and members of the Illinois legislature. Kim Schmidt, Corresponding Secretary for the chapter made a presentation on "IEET 100 Introduction to Engineering", concerning the various career paths open to an industrial engineers. The Freshman engineering majors attended the session. Sonya Harvey, Alpha Pi Mu member, gave a presentation on "The use of Operations Research in maximizing advertising revenues in the NASCAR circuit" to the Society of Automotive Engineers. She also presented this at the IIE Regional Student Conference held at Duluth, MN. Ahmadmajdi Abdulrani, Alpha Pi Mu member, gave a presentation on "The ABC's of CNC Programming" to engineering students. This helped non-industrial engineering students to understand Computer Numerical Control programming. Many Alpha Pi Mu members who where also the members of student chapter of IIE helped in hosting the meeting of the Chicago Senior Chapter of IIE .
  • Participated in arranging the Annual Industrial Engineering Banquet and Award Ceremony during 1994-1996: The annual banquet serves to bring all the industrial engineering students, faculty, alumni, and their friends and families together and celebrate the past year's accomplishments. The members of the societies invite guest speakers to deliver a speech on topics of general interest.
  • Developed an alumni information system for the department of Industrial Engineering at Northern Illinois University.
  • Participated in the arrangement of a colloquium on ISO 9000.
  • Organized the college food drive to help the local shelters during Thanksgiving every year since 1994: The chapter coordinates the Food drive annually to help the local food shelters. Other student and professional organizations such as the Institute of Industrial Engineers, Society of Women Engineers, American Society of Mechanical Engineers and Eta Kappa Nu (Electrical Engineering Honor Society) have participated in this activity.
  • Conducted a Clothing Drive during spring 1997 to help the local shelters in the community.
  • Established a mentor program for the freshmen and sophomore in Industrial Engineering Department: The members of Alpha Pi Mu, in cooperation with the Campus Mentoring Program, established this program to improve the retention of lower division (freshman and sophomore) students in the Industrial Engineering program at NIU. This program provides an opportunity for lower division students to interact with faculty and students in the Department of Industrial Engineering.
  • Helped the department in its recruiting efforts: To increase the enrollment in the industrial engineering department at NIU, the following recruitment programs were conducted: Word of mouth recruitment program, Residence hall Recruitment, Presentations to Local-Area high school students Presentations to High School students at Rockford, IL.
  • Collected textbooks from faculty and donated them to the college library during 1997. Screened the video "Skin Deep" during spring 1997 to increase students' awareness of diversity issues.
  • Conducted a lottery during spring 1997 to raise funds for chapter activities.
  • Presented a seminar on HTML for engineering students and staff during fall 1998.
  • Participated in the Engineer's Week workshop for children organized by the Rockford Professional Chapter of the Society of Manufacturing Engineers and also gave a demonstration of Computer Simulation during spring 1997.
  • Developed this comprehensive webpage during fall 1996 to promote the chapter and its activities.