Graduate Programs

Graduate Course Credit Transfer 
Required Support Information

To request course transfer consideration, you must be an NIU graduate Industrial and Systems Engineering student.

Mandatory Items

  • All examinations
  • Laboratory exercises
  • Class notes
  • Project reports
  • Original syllabus
  • Original text(s)
  • Tutorial supplements
  • Catalog Description (a direct copy from the institution’s catalog)
  • Instructor & contact information
  • Academic advisor & contact information
  • Institution from which course was taken
  • Date taken (statute of time limitations are the same as NIU graduate school rules)
  • Has the course related transcript been accepted at NIU’s Registration and Records?
  • Is there an NIU course that you claim is equivalent?
  • NIU academic advisor
  • How does this particular course fit in with your specific graduate plan?
  • Why did you leave the institution (full disclosure is mandatory)?

Important Ancillary Support Items

  • All quizzes & homework
  • Handouts