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Typical IE Projects

Industrial engineers figure out how to do things better. They engineer processes and systems that improve quality and productivity. IEs make significant contributions to their employers by saving money while making the workplace better for fellow workers.

In addition to manufacturing, industrial engineers apply their skills in a variety of settings. Here are a few examples:

  • Convert an airplane production line to lean manufacturing
  • Perform motion and time studies at a candy company
  • Reduce the length of waiting lines in a theme park
  • Design the admissions procedure at a hospital
  • Develop prototypes for the cell phone car adapter market
  • Design a clothing warehouse using computer simulation
  • Develop a hardware protection program for spacecraft
  • Create a quality assurance program for a national restaurant chain
  • Prevent worker injuries with an ergonomic intervention program
  • Make customer service more efficient at an electronics company
  • Launch a material handling system for a new automobile
  • Develop the conceptual layout of a dockyard
  • Work on a design project to make a medical device that treats sleep apnea
  • Teach industrial engineering courses at a university

Recently Completed Senior Design Projects (2010-present) Sponsored by Companies


     Senior Design Projects




  • Decision Support for Manufacturing Scheduling

  • Simulation Model for Analyzing the Paint Line

  • Process Improvements for the Compactor Line at Caterpillar

  • Process Improvement in Large Wheel Loader Engine Assembly

  • Safety and Ergonomic Improvements

  • Improving Caterpillar Medium Wheel Loader Engine Dress Line

  • Process Improvements for CAT Aurora Wheel Loader Assembly


  • Mixed Model Assembly Line Balancing for LWL at Caterpillar

  • Design for Manufacturability

  • Simulation Study to Improve Production Line at LWL and LWD Assembly Lines


  • SetupTime Reduction on CNC Lathe Machines

  • SPX Stone Line Efficiency Improvement

  • Designing the new high volume stone assembly line at SPX Hydraulic Technologies

  • Analysis and Improvement of SPX Hydraulic Assembly Lines 

  • Efficient part presentation for pump assembly


  • Motorola Solutions: Setup Time Reduction for Value Stream 5

  • Improving cart utilization within Motorola Solution’s facility


  • Increasing Physician Efficiency at Outpatient Clinic 


  •  Designed Experiment Analysis: Productivity Improvements of the Firing Line


  • Minimizing length of stay in the emergency department through

    computer simulation at CDH

  • Improving patient throughput using computer simulation for medical care center at CDH


  • Decision Making through Simulation Modeling 


  • Improving Warehouse Operations at the Montgomery

    Distribution Center

  • Developing Standard Operating Procedures and Process Improvements

  • Product Quality Testing


  • Improving Warehouse Operations at 3M Distribution Center 


  • Analyzing and Minimizing Transportation Costs 


  • Analyzing the Quotation Process and Production System at Ford Tool 


  •  "Lean" Process Improvement for Medical/Surgical Unit at FHN 

Austin Westran LLC

  •     Optimizing raw material receiving and storage


  •     Improving throughput of x ray tubes through simulation and                 modelling


  • Auto resolve success rate improvement