Admission Requirements

Should you apply through International Admissions?

The first step in the Admission process is determining if you should apply with International Admissions or Domestic Admissions.

All students seeking a graduate degree should apply through the Graduate School.

You should apply through the International Admissions Office if you are an undergraduate who is: 

  • A new or current U.S. Visa Holder
  • A Pending Permanent Resident
  • A student if refugee/asylum status

Pending permanent residents will be considered nonimmigrant students until they have an I551 stamp on their Passport or have received their Permanent Resident Card.

You should apply through Domestic Admissions if you are an undergraduate who is: 

  • A Permanent Resident - please send a photocopy of your card along with your application materials. This will help indicate that your application should be processed in Domestic Admissions.

Please follow the appropriate link to help guide you through the application process.