Local Transportation

Northern Illinois University Huskie Bus Service

This is one of the services covered by your Student Activity Fee and a service that you will probably use often! The routes, each starting at the Holmes Student Center, take riders around campus, to residential areas, and to shopping sites around DeKalb. We recommend that you take the bus tour offered during Orientation and that you also read the Huskie Bus Route Maps and Service Guide that you will be given during Orientation. Call (815) 758-6900 for Huskie Bus Information.


Riding a bike is a very popular mode of transportation from April through October (as long as there is no snow on the ground). Used bikes can be purchased at a very reasonable price; check the newspapers, go to garage sales, or ask friends. 

NIU also has a Borrow-A-Bike program on a semester to semester basis.

Other Transportation 

Limo & Taxi Services

Shuttle to Elburn Train Station