Financial Sponsorship

When you submitted your financial documents to the Graduate School or the International Student and Faculty Office to obtain your I-20 or DS-2019, it represented an absolute commitment on the part of the individual sponsoring you, to provide financial support to you on a consistent and long-term basis. We understand that this support will not be withdrawn, and we and you accept this promise to provide adequate funds. Sponsored student whose tuition and fees are paid by a sponsoring agency must present a statement from their sponsor authorizing the university to bill for tuition and fees to 3rd Party Billing which is an area of the Bursar Office. The 3rd Party Billing is located in Swen Parson 210.

You must meet your financial obligations for tuition, fees, and living expenses, or you will risk losing your student status in the United States. NIU will not allow you to register for the next semester, if you have an outstanding balance. It is impossible for non-immigrant students to earn enough money by working part-time on campus to cover their expenses. Please discuss these matters openly and honestly with your sponsor before coming to the United States.