Campus Safety

Be Sensible About Your Personal Safety! DeKalb is a safe area in which to live, but crime may occur anywhere. If you follow guidelines for protecting yourself and your property, such as you would practice in a large city in your home country, you are unlikely to be a crime victim.


  1. Lock Your Door. Lock your doors and windows whenever you are out of your room, apartment or car.
  2. Protect Your Property. Participate in “Operation Identification” by engraving your driver’s license number or your social security number on personal valuables. Engravers are available at the main desk of each residence hall, and at the Department of Public Safety. Avoid leaving personal property unattended for ANY length of time. This includes textbooks and notebooks. During the week of final exams there is an increase in thefts of backpacks and textbooks on campus. Mark all books for identification and proof of ownership. Record all numbers of credit cards, your passport, your travelers’ checks, etc. and keep them in a separate (safe) place at home. If you are a victim of theft or burglary, report the incident immediately to the police.

    Bicycle thefts do occur. With a lock and chain, secure your bicycle to a bike rack located in a well-lighted area. Register your bicycle with the City of DeKalb.
  3. Self Protection. Avoid walking alone at night. Stay on the paved and lighted public walkways that are well traveled by others and patrolled by the police. Take advantage of NIU’s free Late Night Ride Service,  providing safe passage home for students, faculty, and staff. The service operates Friday and Saturday nights from 2:00 a.m. to 6:00 a.m. Call 753-2222 for a ride. Be Alert! If you should be followed, cross the street, if on campus - run to an on-campus emergency call box (blue light), a better lit area, towards a group of people, or toward a lighted building, house or store, and call the police.
  4. Emergencies. If you need help in an emergency you should call 911 on your telephone. That connects you to the emergency service (not available with cell phones) which will send the police, ambulance, or fire department immediately. Stay calm, and always be aware of your surroundings. Always leave your destination and estimated time of arrival with a reliable friend, and your approximate return time.