Expenditures and Income

Attendance at any United States university is costly. It is NECESSARY to have adequate funds, not just for the year but also for the first few weeks when your initial financial lay out will be high. As there is no quick way to convert non-U.S. money or checks from foreign countries into U.S. currency on arrival in DeKalb, we suggest you bring at least $1,500.00- $2,000.00 in travelers checks with you.

Most International Students pay nonresident out-of-state tuition rates. NIU financial statements are generated once a month but they are also available to view online through your MyNIU 24/7. In order to avoid costly late charges, please pay your balance due by the due date specified on the statement. If you have questions concerning the amount due on your statement, please contact the Bursar Office immediately. It is very important for you to always to keep your most current US address upated through your MyNIU.

Sponsored student whose tuition and fees are paid by a sponsoring agency must present a statement from their sponsor authorizing the university to bill for tuition and fees to 3rd Party Billing. The 3rd Party Billing is an area of the Office of the Bursar located in Swen Parson 210.

PLEASE NOTE: Assistantship appointments DO NOT cover fees and medical insurance which must be paid by the student.

NIU Teaching Assistants, Research Assistants, and Graduate Fellows are normally paid initially at the end of a half-month and then bimonthly. It will therefore be necessary to have funds to pay any extra fees and immediate living expenses, with you upon arrival at NIU.