Bank Statement

Bank Statements are needed for Students who wish to come to NIU on a Student Visa.

If you are here in the US on any other type of Visa, you do not need to provide a Bank Statement or provide any letters of Financial Guarantee.

Letter of Financial Guarantee

Graduate Student Costs

Undergraduate Costs 
For the Fall 2015 - Spring 2016 academic year, it costs about $34,850 for an Undergraduate to attend Northern Illinois University. Students on an F or J (student) visa must prove they are financially capable of attending NIU. To prove this, you must submit an Official Bank letter in the amount needed.This statement cannot be a photocopy, fax, or document printed from the internet.  It must either be an official copy, or a photocopy that has been signed and attested by a bank manager.  Your Official statement also cannot be 6 months older than the date you intend to start school. Bank statements created more than 6 month before the start of school will not be accepted.

  • Students applying for Fall (August) semester will need a bank statement created during or after March of the same year.
  • Students applying for Spring (January) semester will need a bank statement created during or after August of the previous year.

Many students do not have a personal bank account with the needed amount. If this is the case, you may also choose to submit a bank letter from another person. This person must be willing to sponsor you while you are attending NIU. Should you decide to use a Sponsor, You will also need to submit a Letter of Support from him/her.