Transfer Foreign Credit

NIU can transfer any classes that are equivalent to NIU courses.

For example, NIU offers a class called Introduction to Psychology. This is a class that covers basic concepts in the Psychological field. If you've taken a similar course at another University, then you can receive credit for the NIU class.

There may also be courses at your University that NIU does not offer. These classes cannot transfer because there is no NIU course to match it. For example, if you have taken any Architecture courses, these classes will not transfer because NIU does not offer Architecture.

Classes that do not transfer will show up on your transcript with the name “elective class.” This means you will receive recognition for taking the course, but it will not help you finish your degree.

Another issue you should know is who transfers your University Credit to NIU

The International Student and Faculty Office can only transfer general education courses

A list of these general education courses can be found at:

To receive credit for any other courses, students will need to do one of the following:

1) Request transfer credit from the Academic Department

For example, any advanced marketing class will need approval from the Marketing Department, or any advanced biology class will need approval from the Biology Department.

To receive credit for any advanced level classes you will need to submit the following documents to the department:

  1. official transcript, (a list of all the classes you have taken)
  2. official syllabus (explanation of what was taught in each class)
  3. official English translation (if the documents were not issued in English)

The department will then evaluate the transcripts and determine if credit can be given. It is very important that you bring an official syllabus with when you come to NIU. Many departments will not look at foreign course work without knowing what was taught in each class.

2) Submit an ECE catalogue-match evaluation

Students may submit their documents to Education Credential Evaluators and the company will create an evaluation that matches each class you have taken to an equivalent NIU course. ECE will them submit this evaluation to NIU for review. Please note: students must submit an ECE catalogue-match evaluation and NOT an ECE course by course evaluation.