What to do when you arrive at Northern Illinois University

  • Report to the International Student & Faculty Office. Please bring with you your passport, I-20 and I-94 card.
  • Attend new international student orientation (information about orientation will be sent to you along with your I-20)

International students who are coming to Northern Illinois University directly from another U.S. institution:

The U.S. immigration service requires that you complete a transfer of your immigration status when you begin studies at a new institution. Upon your arrival to Northern Illinois University, you will need to report to the ISFO to complete this process during the first week of classes. For more information about the transfer process, please contact in immigration advisor.

International students who are beginning studies at Northern Illinois University, who are in a visa classification other than F-1, and wish to change their immigration status to F-1 (student visa) classification

The ISFO offers advice to students who would like to change their immigration status to F-1. Please note that the ISFO cannot change your immigration status; it is a decision made by the U.S. government. ISFO can provide advising about whether a change of status might be possible for you, what the procedures are, and how to find application forms. For more information about change of status, please see Change of Status to F-1 Procedures.