International Students and Health Insurance

Rules for Student Insurance for International Students

  1. Students are assessed the insurance fee if they enroll in at least 1 credit hour with NIU. The credit hour can be on campus or off campus.
  2. Students in an F status or a J status are required to have the NIU student insurance unless
    • They have prior approval of the NIU International Student Office & the NIU Student Insurance office.
    • They have another comparable policy from their program sponsor that meets the insurance requirements set by the US Dept of State.
    • They are sponsored by their home government, and provided with comparable insurance policy.
    • They are dependents of H visa, lawful permanent resident or other working visas, and who have comparable coverage.
  3. Students with an H status can cancel the NIU insurance if they have other comparable coverage.
  4. Students cannot purchase insurance in their home country and cancel the NIU insurance plan.
  5. Students, who are eligible to cancel the insurance, must contact either the International office or the Student Insurance office and provide proof of other comparable coverage during the semester’s waiver period.
  6. Students, who want to cancel the insurance after the waiver period has ended, must file an appeal.
  7. International students must waive the insurance each semester they attend NIU, so that their insurance information can be reviewed and approved as up-to-date.