What Teachers Say

What teachers say about Econ Illinois programs

"I would like to thank you and all of your staff for all of the great things that you have done for me. Your staff has made teaching for me a fun thing and most of all, my kids loved the content. Because of that, my job was a walk in the park. Thanks again." James Artese, Bogan HS, John Hancock HS.

"[The Stock Market Game] teaches young people how to invest and use their analytical skills, and it stimulates their interest in the world beyond their classroom. It made a tremendous difference in my professional and personal success; it can have the same impact on other kids, too." Martin Cabrera, Jr. - President and CEO of Cabrera Capital Markets, LLC - a graduate of Bogan High School, Chicago.

The Stock Market Game program

"This will be the fifth semester I have been involved in The Stock Market Game. My students love it!! It has become the highlight of my course. Thank you for all you have done to introduce young students to the wonderful (and risky) world of investing." Archdiocese of Chicago high school economics teacher
"Our entire school is electrified by the opportunity The Stock Market Game presents." Chicago Parochial high school teacher

"I would like to commend [your team's] hard work. You have exposed our students and community to opportunities that will stay with them for their whole lives and encourage higher level thinking along with cooperation, as no other single activity could have. We also can't forget just how much fun it is for all of us, too." Archdiocese of Chicago high school teacher

"We are enjoying every day of this game.  In classroom environments, no parallel can be drawn to the prompt assessment available through real life data directly from stock exchanges.  Every day our kids check for their standing and portfolios and in fact do talk about investing in real life. I wish we could do a similar assessment in every subject we teach in our class. Many thanks for the wonderful support that we have received throughout this game.  You have made everything so simple and easy." CPS 299 high school teacher

"Thank you for providing such a valuable program for the students.  I have found that economic education is not usually covered during a students typical junior high experience.  This is a great activity and I enjoy doing it with the students." Oswego District 308 Junior High teacher

(Illinois Capitol Challenge) "Representative Deborah Mell visited our school and my econ class. It was really a great experience for my students and myself.  I demonstrated the way I incorporate your resources (Virtual Economics and the SMG program) into my AP Microeconomics class. The students asked questions about current state legislative developments regarding taxation and government spending.  It was an interesting and productive discussion." Roosevelt HS (Chicago) teacher

"SMG is true learning by doing.  The students were making important, relevant, financial decisions and seeing the consequences for themselves.  I think they’ll remember these lessons and apply them in life." CPS 299 elementary teacher

Illinois Personal Finance Challenge

"I sincerely want to thank Econ Illinois for helping me become a better teacher through your professional developments programs, The Stock Market Game and the Illinois Personal Finance Challenge. The enthusiasm that these programs instill in me is carried over to my classroom and to my students. My students are excited to be learning about personal finance and the life skills that will make them more productive members of society."

"The Illinois Personal Finance Challenge has heightened the awareness of the importance of financial literacy among high school students."

"What a wonderful opportunity for my students!  They were thrilled with the competition and loved every minute of it!"

"What an amazing experience!  My students had a great time competing in the IPFC State Finals.  They are still talking about the trip and will remember it for the rest of their lives.  Thank you for supporting my goal of making financial literacy a life-long journey that begins at youth."

"The Illinois Personal Finance Challenge brought excitement to our classroom.  The students in our Consumer Education and Investments classes were anxious to learn as much as possible about personal finance in order to be as competitive as possible."

(Student Quote:) "Thanks for providing us with a great opportunity to expand our knowledge with some insight into the business world. As a senior, this was a great experience and a great way to learn."

Economics Challenge

"The Illinois Economics Challenge State Finals was a capstone event for us."

"This program was superbly crafted and speaks to the necessity of a broad based economics curriculum in our schools."

"High school students legitimately excited/enthused about econ. Combines contest with competitive drive to make the day fun yet challenging."

"This program gives students a great opportunity to show off what they’ve learned this year.  At the end of the day there is an air of pride about them."

(Student Quote:) "As a student of economics, I understand that the costs of a good education can be quite high, and I appreciate the benefits you supply us by [providing] opportunities like the ICEE’s Econ Challenge.  Without inflating these programs’ real value too much, I can safely say they provide us with skills and experiences that are in great demand.  My gratitude to you, and my hope that you will continue to [provide] such endeavors in the future."

(Student Quote:) "As a junior in high school with an interest in economics and finance, I can only thank you for [providing] programs that give me the opportunities for real education."

Economics Poster Contest

"Thank you very much for the calendar! It's wonderful that students are exposed to the economic concepts in elementary school. [My son] would like to share this calendar with his proud grandparents, new teachers and the state senator and representative that sent him congratulations. Therefore, we are requesting 7 more copies." Parents of a state winner, Orland Park

"You have no idea how excited [the teachers and principal] at Woodgate School are about [this student's] state-level win in the poster contest. [The student] is a special ed student. At our [regional award] reception, [the student] was there, his parents, [the teacher], the principal and even the Special Ed coordinator. This is a school that had been on the state watch list for a few years and has turned itself around under the leadership of [the principal]. [The teacher] and a colleague received Honorable Mention in last year’s 3M Economic Education teacher award program, and she is fired up about teaching econ to her special ed students." Sheryl Szot Gallaher, Director of the Governors State University Office of Economic Education, University Park

Teaching Economics and Financial Literacy annual conference (January)

"I was overwhelmed to learn that I would receive the curriculum packets and the [Virtual Economics] CD. I shall share all of the materials with my colleagues. My heartfelt thanks for your commitment to educating children about financial literacy." K-5 teacher

"I absolutely am overjoyed with the information provided at this conference! It included a variety of pertinent topics relevant to my 9-12 classroom as well as for me as a teaching professional." Grade 9-12 teacher

"I love what I am going to give to my 2nd/3rd graders.  I work at a private school.  I have never taught this type of economics.  Thanks."  Grade K-5 teacher

"Thank you for putting on an event that benefits not only my students but also me!  I left feeling excited about financial decisions." Grade K-5 teacher

"This was very valuable and insightful!  As we prepare our students to succeed in the world they must be financially literate!" Grade 9-12 teacher

"I’ve come to the conference for the last years, and I always leave with wonderful fresh ideas to use both with my students and myself" Grade 6-8 teacher

"Thank you for making consumer economics a cross curriculum topic for professional development." Grade 9-12 teacher

"The program gets me excited about walking into my classroom with a fabulous new set of tools and ideas. It’s energizing!" Grade 9-12 teacher

"Economic education is critical for this generation of students. I will be considering how I can integrate economics with my total curriculum. This conference has provided some excellent options." Grade 6-8 teacher

"With the current state of the US economy, teaching the children the basic economic principles will enable them to be better citizens and have a brighter future. Thank you for the opportunity to attend." Grade 6-8 teacher

"Outstanding conference—practical ideas for the classroom. I’m leaving with lesson plans for Monday!" Grade 6-8 teacher

Virtual Economics (teacher training)

"I was hoping for practical uses in my classroom and am very pleased."

"Great CD to help utilize with lesson plans already made for you."

"The VE CD-ROM is so crucially valuable for teaching students with differing needs."

"I am thrilled to be able to search by grade level, content and standard. I am grateful that technology can help us work smarter not harder."

"Great, practical lessons for the classroom that will engage my students."

"It has not been easy to meet the Common Core Standards requirements and align lessons to these new standards when we don't quite have the resources or the time we need.  VE makes the job EASY! With a few clicks, I can quickly sort through the lessons aligned to a standard, and then print any lesson I'd like to try right from the CD! Thank you for making this available!" Third grade teacher.

"The Virtual Economics CD provided by the CEE includes so many lessons that reach across content areas, and it is very user-friendly!" High School geography, economics and psychology teacher.