Web Links providing resources to K-12 teachers

Web links providing resources to K-12 teachers.

  • Biz World
    Kids in grades 3-8 learn how to apply business, entrepreneurial and finance-based education to the real world – and become empowered to reach their goals!  New online materials are free to download and support classroom curriculum in engaging real-world activities.
  • Common Core Tool
    The Council for Economic Education (CEE) lessons from selected resources have been aligned to the Common Core State Standards.
  • Common Sense Economics
    Whether you are interested in taking the course, using the textbook or are limited to using the free web resources, Common Sense Economics:  What Everyone Should Know about Wealth and Prosperity offers a large quantity of field-tested economics materials focusing on experience-based learning.  The website contains materials that help educators create exciting, informative courses regardless of text.
  • The Dismal Scientist
    Detailed economic analysis, economic indicators, and forecasts for the United States and other countries.
  • EconEdLink
    Centered on curriculum standards and the essential principles of economics, EconEdLink provides a premier source of classroom-tested, Internet-based economic lesson materials for K-12 teachers and their students.
  • EconEdReviews
    ... is the place to find economic education lessons and materials for your K-12 classroom! Teachers who have used the economics and personal finance lessons will guide you with their reviews and ratings. After you teach an economics lesson, we encourage you to come back and share your opinion of the materials for the next teacher looking for guidance ... search by grade level, concept, subject and/or standard ...
  • Econlowdown
    You will find award-winning, FREE classroom resources from the Federal Reserve Bank of St Louis. The resources have been designed for K-16 educators to use to teach about money and banking, economics, personal finance and the Federal Reserve.
  • Euro Challenge
    An exciting educational opportunity for students in grades 9 and 10 to learn about the European union and the euro, through a nation-wide competition.
  • Fed Challenge
    The High School Fed Challenge is an academic competition that provides students grades 9–12 the opportunity to study the U.S. economy through the lens of the U.S. central bank.
  • Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago - Education
    Learn more about the Federal Reserve system; access publications and lesson plans designed to help you teach the state standards; learn about student competitions "Euro Challenge", "Fed Challenge", and "Money Smart Week." Reserve a student tour of the Money Museum; take a Virtual Money Museum tour before you go!
  • Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis - Education
    Award-winning, FREE classroom resources for K-16 educators to use to teach about money and banking, economics, personal finance and the Federal Reserve.
  • FederalReserveEducation.org
    In addition to information and links for the public, and games and links for students, teachers will find classroom resources by grade level and economic topic. Also, information on public tours, links to economic indicators, and much, much more!
  • Federal Trade Commission: You Are Here
    Kids in grades 5 - 8 can learn about key consumer concepts such as how advertising affects them, how consumers benefit when businesses compete, how (and why) to protect personal information, and how to spot scams.  The site takes visitors to a virtual mall, where they can play games, watch short animated films, and interact with customers and store owners. The site has detailed fact sheets with ideas for related activities.  There are also links to lesson plans.  The site can be used to support lessons in critical thinking, language arts, writing, media literacy, business, civics, and social studies.  From the web link, click "Parents and Teachers."
  • Foundation for Teaching Economics
    A non-profit organization providing leadership in economic education to educators and to young people selected for their leadership potential.
  • Investor Protection Trust
    Dedicated to Non-Commercial Investor Education. Content lends itself to all kinds of investor education and protection initiatives including work place education, after school programs and integration into existing curricula.
  • Jump$tart Coalition for Personal Financial Literacy
    Financial smarts for students. For Illinois Jump$tart, click HERE.
  • KidsEcon Posters
    KidsEcon Posters© (KEP) is a curriculum project of the Indiana Council for Economic Education dedicated to giving teachers the tools they need to help their students understand the exciting economic world around them.
  • Library of Economics and Liberty topics for High School Economics
    The readings and podcasts arranged here supplement recommended CEE topics. These free resources are appropriate for high school teachers preparing for classes, interested students, home schoolers, and newcomers to the topic of economics.
  • The Mint.org
    An integrated web site designed for middle school and high school students, their teachers and parents.
  • Money$mart Week
    Money Smart Week (MSW) is a series of free classes and activities designed to help consumers better manage their personal finances. Teachers, parents/guardians and students all will learn how to be money smart in these tough economic times. Money Smart Kid! Essays are due in March!
  • MV=PQ: A Resource for Economic Educators
    Ideas and discussions about economic and financial listeracy issues at all levels.
  • MyMoney.gov
    The U.S. Financial Literacy and Education Commission provides financial education resources for all Americans. This web site includes links to 20 federal agencies, as well as information on topics such as Budgeting & Taxes, Credit, Paying for Education, Saving & Investing and Home Ownership. Site available in Spanish. Teachers should click the link to "KIDS" for teaching resources for the classroom.
  • National Council for the Social Studies
    The web site of the largest association in the country devoted solely to social studies education.
  • NIU STEM Outreach resource links
    Science, Technology, Engineering & Math (STEM) resources for teachers - from organizations to classroom activities, the internet is teaming with information on the STEM fields.
  • NYSE Euronext
    NYSE Euronext presents credible resources for basic financial education to help people better understand and manage their personal finances. 
  • Practical Money Skills
    Lessons, games, calculators for elementary, middle and high school students and special needs; parents and Spanish language materials. The site also correlates lessons to Illinois State Standards in English, math and social studies.
  • ReadWriteThink
    Educators, parents, and afterschool professionals are provided with access to the highest quality practices in reading and language arts instruction as well as outstanding free materials.
  • Resources for Economists on the Internet
    Is sponsored by the American Economic Association. It lists more than 2,000 resources in 97 sections and sub-sections available on the Internet of interest to academic and practicing economists, and those interested in economics.
  • Stossel in the Classroom
    DVDs, teacher guides, streaming video, ample teacher resources offer ways to get your students engaged and excited, while building on their critical thinking skills - AND fulfilling your standards-driven curriculum.
  • The Stock Market Game
    An engaging stock trading simulation in which teams of students research companies and maintain an on-line portfolio. This is the only stock trading simulation endorsed by the securities industry of investment professionals, and backed by a complete grades 4-12 multi-disciplinary curriculum.
  • U.S. Census Bureau
    Your Gateway to Census 2010; Demographic Profiles; People, Business, Geography and News.
  • U.S. Department of Labor
    Bureau of Labor Statistics. Topics include Inflation & Consumer Spending; Wages, Earnings & Benefits; Productivity; Employment & Unemployment; Occupations and Demographics.
  • U.S. Department of the Treasury
    Provides access to information on Treasury programs and activities, and current news involving the Treasury.
  • U.S. National Debt Clock
    National Debt data and news.
  • U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission
    The SEC’s Office of Investor Education and Advocacy provides a variety of services and tools to address the problems and questions you may face as an investor. We cannot tell you what investments to make, but we can help you to invest wisely and avoid fraud.
  • Understanding Taxes
    The Internal Revenue Service has developed an interactive, instructional tax program to provide high school, community colleges and the general public with a technology-based instructional tool.
  • Wise Pockets
    A great place for kids, parents and teachers to learn about managing money. Produced by the Center for Entrepreneurship and Economic Education at the University of Missouri-St Louis.
  • Yumonomics
    This site is dedicated to creative teaching ideas for “yummy stuff.” Lesson ideas for K-5 educators will use children’s literature and other media to teach economics principles and concepts. The lesson plans will integrate literacy strategies as well as STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) when appropriate.