The SMG Cabrera Statewide Award

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Cabrera Statewide Award

In January  of 2007, Econ Illinois Governing Board member Martin Cabrera, CEO of Cabrera Capital Markets, LLC, announced funding for two new awards in Econ Illinois' Stock Market Game program - the Cabrera Statewide Awards.

Martin Cabrera announces the Cabrera Statewide Awards at the Chicago Board Options ExchangeThe announcement was made at the January 17, 2007 SMG awards reception at the Chicago Board Options Exchange.

Martin congratulated the students and teachers being recognized, and said he hoped they continued to excel during the spring semester, so they might win the statewide recognition to be awarded at the end of the school year.

Martin Cabrera participated in the SMG during his own high school days at Chicago's Bogan High School. He changed his college major from architecture to business due to his high school economics class's involvement in the SMG. Martin is a graduate of Northern Illinois University.

"This program teaches young people how to invest and use their analytical skills, and it stimulates their interest in the world beyond their classroom," Cabrera says. "It made a tremendous difference in my professional and personal success; it can have the same impact on other kids, too."