News and Announcements

News and Announcements

Talk With Our Kids About Money Day (Gr 7 focus)

The Talk With Our Kids about Money “School program” targets 7th grade. However, other interested teachers are also requested to teach a lesson, relevant to their subject area and curriculum outcomes, with a focus on a money topic. The website provides online access to additional information, ideas and resources, and provides an opportunity for teachers to post questions. All aspects of the program are available in both English and Spanish.

We encourage all teachers to participate on the Day - but we are looking for 75 teachers to help us by participating in the pilot and providing us with feedback.

If you are interested, the first 75 teachers who respond to this email and indicate a willingness to participate in the pilot will be offered a $150 honorarium to do two things for us - (1) complete a one-page evaluation form reviewing the website - letting us know what you think of it and how it can be improved, and (2) pick one lesson pla‎n to use on the Day - April 30th and complete a one-page evaluation of the lesson. If you want to do your own lesson and share it with us, that would also be most welcome.

That's it. It should hopefully be a fun and engaging activity for you and your students. That is the goal. The lessons have been designed to be easy to prepare for and easy to do - fit with your curriculum - and address a variety of your subject areas.

So, if you would like to participate, please reply to this email and be one of the first 75 to respond. We will follow up with the first 75 and provide simple instructions along with the two evaluation forms.

Thank you very much. We hope you will choose to participate - and we would welcome your feedback.

Lori Berkes-Nelson, President, Econ Illinois

Willowbrook High School wins Illinois Econ Challenge!

Willowbrook High School outscored Second Place York Community High School, after an extremely close final “Quiz Bowl” round of competition.  The First Place team, Kristian Johansen, Alex Lapinski, Mike Rogalski, Tyler Rusnak and teacher Brian Eslick received a trophy and framed certificate for their school, individual medals and certificates as well as Visa gift cards.  The championship event, held April 10th at the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago, consisted of individual and team written tests and the final quiz bowl round of competition.  Willowbrook students went on to compete in the National Semi-finals the following week.  Read more...

April is Financial Literacy Month 

Look over our Financial Literacy Calendar for events, lessons and activities for the classroom, and for building money management skills at every age!

Survey of the States

Every two years, the Council for Economic Education (CEE) conducts a comprehensive look into the state of K-12 economic and financial education in the United States, collecting data from all 50 states and the District of Columbia. The 2014 Survey of the States shows notable progress over the past 15 years since the first survey was conducted. The biennial survey serves as an important benchmark for progress. 

Gen i Revolution Contest Begins!

Get ready for the Gen i Revolution "Search for the Sweet 16th Mission" contest! The contest has begun. Students can submit ideas for a new 16th Gen i Mission to earn a chance to win great prizes & the chance to have their mission developed and added to the CEE free online personal finance game.

1) Sign up and register your class for free access to Gen i Revolution
2) Encourage your students play and explore any of the 15 missions to learn important personal finance

  • Building Wealth Over the Long Term
  • Investing in Human Capital—Job Choice
  • Investing in Human Capital—Education
  • Budgeting
  • Credit
  • Risk and Return
  • Alternative Financial Institutions
  • Stocks
  • Bonds
  • Mutual Funds
  • Researching Companies
  • Stock Market Fundamentals
  • Stock Market Crashes
  • Forecasting the Future
  • Financial Planning

3) While playing, brainstorm ideas for a new 16th Mission!

STEM Events

Come out of the cold and join in! NIU STEM Outreach increases STEM literacy and interest for K-12 students, families, and educators. Delivering off-campus programs and on-campus activities that increase science, technology, engineering, and mathematics literacy and enthusiasm among students, their families, and educators. Information on numerous outreach programs is also offered, including NIU's STEM departments and the colleges.

Teach Children to Save Day – Dominican University

For 17 years this program has partnered banks with elementary students for lessons on the importance of saving. The program has reached more than 5 million students Grades 1-3. Save the date for Friday, April 11, 2014! Classroom commitment of 2 hours needed, with approximately 45 minutes of class time for the volunteers to read the story and teach the lesson. For more information, visit Dominican’s Center for Economic Education. The flyer is available for sharing! 

3M Economic Educator Award application available!

Nominations/entries for the 3M Awards will be accepted through July 15. Nominations may be made by a supervisor/administrator, a colleague, a local Center or Office for Economic Education, the Econ Illinois staff, or by the nominee through self-nomination.  All K-12 educators teaching economic education may apply.  Two winners are selected from among nominees each year.  3M Outstanding Economic Educator award winners receive $500 and a plaque.  Their school receives a $350 grant for economic education professional development and/or materials. Application is available!

Teaching the News

Use these current events to teach the news in your classroom. Following each article you’ll find several related resources from for teaching the underlying economics and personal finance concepts.

UIC CEE Working Paper Series

The UIC Center for Economic Education website features a list of working papers on a variety of economic education topics.  Helen Roberts, Director of the UIC Center is one of the contributing authors. 

Archived Webinars for Economics and Personal Finance Education

CEE is pleased to offer free webinars for K-12 teachers, after school providers, curriculum developers, partners and anyone who has an interest in furthering economics and personal finance education in our nation’s schools.


Teacher shows why The Stock Market Game should be in YOUR classroom!

Tom Kowalewski, Virginia High School, created this video file for a course project. See how the SMG program can help reinforce teaching goals and provide life skills for students. Tom recommends Money Spin educational puzzle activity from White Bag Software. Watch»

Pritzker Elementary- SMG in the classroom

This Web-Documentary produced by The Stock Market Game and the "Pearson Foundation chronicles Pritzker Elementary's teacher Jerry Weissbuch and his use of the SMG program in the classroom and after school. Watch»

Managing Risk at CME Group - How it all Works

This is a great and yet very simple introduction to the vital role CME Group plays in helping people manage their risk on a daily basis. It breaks the terminology and general concepts down into terms everyone can understand. A great video to play in the classroom too. Students who tour the CME Group/Chicago Board of Trade see this video as part of that visit. Watch»