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Navigate: Exploring College and Careers

A new classroom/counselor resource is available from the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas.  It allows students to:

  • examine various careers and educational requirements;
  • evaluate different educational opportunities after high school;
  • identify academic and extracurricular activities that will enhance their applications;
  • research the cost of postsecondary education;
  • explore types of financial aid and educational assistance;
  • imagine their own path to success.

Initially designed for 7th - 9th grade students, the resource is being used throughout high school and into the freshman year at community colleges as well! Many students and their families may not be familiar with the pathways to education, and Navigate provides information to begin preparing for success.

Contact Beth Metzler at bmetzler@niu.edu if interested in free classroom sets or free individual copies of the consumable student workbook and teacher handbook.