Economic Concepts Poster Contest Volunteers

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Economic Concepts Poster Contest Volunteer

Thank you for sharing your expertise in the classroom to help students better understand the economic concepts found in Econ Illinois’ Poster Contest. To prepare for your classroom visit, please review the information below. Contact Debbie Kerman at Econ Illinois with any questions about the Economic Concepts Poster Contest.   

Econ Illinois’ Economic Concepts Poster Contest offers a fun and creative way to help students in grades 1-8 learn more about our economy. The contest is used to:

  • Help students become more competent decision makers
  • Better prepare students for their role in our economic system
  • Be hands-on, age appropriate and easily integrate into the classroom curriculum

Your job as a volunteer is to help teach one or both of the economic concepts aligned to the students’ grade level.

  1. Grades 1-2: Goods & Services, Producers & Consumers
  2. Grades 3-5: Choice and Opportunity Cost, Productive Resources
  3. Grades 6-8: Scarcity, Specialization

Once the lessons are complete, the teachers will follow-up by having their students create a color drawing to demonstrate their understanding of the concept. Teachers will then submit their students’ entries to their regional center for judging.

Regional Winners in five regions throughout the state are awarded prizes and advance to the state competition. Twelve state winners are awarded prizes and their winning entries are featured in a 12-month calendar published the following school year.

Regional and State judging will be take place during the spring semester.  However, as a volunteer, you might suggest taking part in the judging process at the classroom level in a mini-competition.  This will provide you with an opportunity to see how well the students understand the concepts.

Click on the links below to access the necessary information for your classroom visit:

Concepts and lessons are courtesy of our national affiliate, the Council for Economic Education (CEE).   We encourage you to visit CEE's website for additional information.