Economic Concepts Poster Contest

State Winner, Economics Poster Contest

Economics Concepts Poster Contest Timeline

December - February

Regional competitions are held through the Centers for Economic Education including Bradley University, Dominican University, Governors State University, Northern Illinois University, University of Illinois at Chicago and Western Illinois University. These competitions are held in the fall or winter, concluding in February.

Early March

Judging at each regional competition selects twelve winners and twelve honorable mention entries.  Those twenty-four entries are submitted to Econ Illinois for judging at the state level.

Twenty-four entries from each regional contest are judged by a panel of economic education specialists to select the twelve State Winners and any number of State Honorable Mention entries.

April through May

Awards are distributed by the regional hosts through regional, local or in-school award ceremonies or by mail.  (The scope of awards distribution is dependent on financial support.)

Press release templates are available to teachers to publicize their school's success with, or involvement in, the Economics Concepts Poster Contest.

Illinois legislators are notified of state-level award-winning entries from their district.


Depending on funding, the twelve Illinois winners will be included in a 12-month flip calendar. Calendars are mailed to school principals and district superintendents of winning teachers, to all teachers who submitted entries, and to the twelve students whose drawings were chosen as state winners.

The calendars are not sold. Additional copies are available upon a request from Illinois teachers or students' families by sending an email to Econ Illinois.