Economic Concepts Poster Contest 2011 winners

2011 State Winner Joyce Z, 5th Grade, Spring Brook Elementary, Naperville

Economic Concepts Poster Contest
2011 State Winners

Over 2,500 students from 51 schools drew entries for the 6 regional contests. Sixty-seven teachers participated this year. At the conclusion of regional judging, each regional competition submitted their top 24 entries for judging at the state level. From these entries, 12 winners were selected, along with 34 honorable mention entries.

A 2012 12-month calendar of the twelve state winning drawings is made possible by funding from  DeVry Foundation. Contact Econ Illinois for information about the calendars.

NIU Center for Economic Education award reception

On May 18, a reception was held for award-winning students in the NIU Center for Economic Education's regional competition.  Students from Naperville Districts 203 and 204 and their parents enjoyed the celebration. The reception was held at the NIU Naperville Campus to celebrate the achievements of more than twenty students and eight teachers. See the photo album.

State Winners

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Mia D. drawing, scarcity East Lake Academy, Lake Forest. John Stack, teacher.
Mia D, 8th grade. Scarcity
Emily V. drawing, productive resources Germantown Hills Middle School, Metamora. Terry Vaughn, teacher.
Emily V, 6th grade. Productive Resources
Jaclyn D. drawing, opportunity cost Holy Ghost School, Wood Dale. Rose Kaspar, teacher.
Jaclyn D, 8th grade.  Opportunity Cost
Joyce L. drawing, producers and consumers Illinois School, Park Forest. Linda Green and Stephanie Healy, teachers.
Joyce L, 5th grade. Producers and Consumers
Alan H. drawing, productive resources Joseph Gary Elementary, Chicago. Deborah Zeilner, teacher.
Alan H, 8th grade. Productive Resources
Victoria M. drawing, goods and services Meadow Ridge Elementary, Orland Park. Lauren Musielewicz, teacher.
Victoria M, 4th grade. Goods and Services
Alicia M. drawing, specialization Nathan Hale Elementary, Chicago. Cyndi Rickman-Williams, teacher.
Alicia M, 8th grade.  Specialization  
Joyce Z. drawing, scarcity Spring Brook Elementary, Naperville. Kerry DiFusco, teacher.
Joyce Z, 5th grade. Scarcity
Brooke R. drawing, opportunity cost St Jacob Elementary, St Jacob. Shirley Schmitt, teacher.
Brooke R, 5th grade. Opportunity Cost
Dana L. drawing, producers and consumers St James School, Arlington Heights. Mary Welk, teacher.
Dana L, 7th grade. Producers and Consumers
Jenna A. drawing, specialization Thomas Middle School, Arlington Heights. Danielle Schuh, teacher.
Jenna A, 6th grade. Specialization
Jaisnav R. drawing, Goods and Services White Eagle Elementary, Naperville. Sharon Phares, teacher.
Jaisnav R, 1st grade. Goods and Services

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