Economic Concepts Poster Contest 2010 State Honorable Mention

2010 Economics Poster Contest State Winner, 6th grade

Economic Concepts Poster Contest
2010 State Honorable Mention

The following students' drawings are recognized as Illinois Honorable Mention for 2010 and receive certificates of award. All of these entries received recognition at the regional level before advancing to the state-level judging.

  • Ariel Community Academy, Chicago. Connie Moran, teacher. Kisha S, 8th grade.
  • Avondale Elementary School, Chicago. Colleen Miczek, teacher. Princess G, 5th grade.
  • Central Middle School, Tinley Park. Lisa Allen, teacher. Becca B and Rebecca Z, 7th grade.
  • Central Middle School, Tinley Park. Laura Cihlar, teacher. Myranda K, 7th grade.
  • Chelsea Intermediate School, Frankfort. Barb Spikings, teacher. Megan H, 5th grade.
  • East Lake Academy, Lake Forest. John Stack, teacher. Ryan K, 7th grade.
  • Fry Elementary School, Naperville. Janet Kuo, teacher. Meghana M and Whitney J, 5th grade.
  • Germantown Hills Middle School, Metamora. Terry Vaughn, teacher. Matthew A, 6th grade.
  • Grand Prairie Elementary School, Frankfort. Brenda Strutzenberg, teacher. Caitlin N, 2nd grade.
  • Grand Prairie Elementary School, Frankfort. Kim Szudy, teacher. Alicia P, 2nd grade.
  • Greenbriar Elementary School, Chicago Heights. Maureen O'Brien, teacher. Kristine C, 5th grade.
  • Illinois School, Park Forest. Linda Green and Stephanie Newman, teachers. Joyce L, 4th grade.
  • John A Bannes Elementary School, Tinley Park. Dottie McDowell, teacher. Jack D, 4th grade.
  • John A Bannes Elementary School, Tinley Park. Alison Stanovich, teacher. Jessica R, 4th grade.
  • John Mills Elementary School, Elmwood Park. Nick Grigolo, teacher. George W, 6th grade.
  • Meadow Ridge Elementary School, Orland Park. Carita Hall, teacher. Lauren M, 3rd grade; Madena M, 3rd grade.
  • Nathan Hale Elementary School, Chicago. Lou Ann Pilas, teacher. Crystal I, 7th grade; Susana P, 7th grade.
  • Our Lady of the Snows School, Chicago. Christina Casey, teacher. Allison R, 8th grade.
  • Patterson Elementary School, Naperville. Susan Stewart, teacher. Harold A, 5th grade.
  • Robert Clow Elementary School, Naperville. Helene Caliva, teacher. Swathi K, 5th grade.
  • South Pekin Grade School, South Pekin. Susan Troxell, teacher. Skye B, 3rd grade.
  • St Christina School, Chicago. Sharon Malito, teacher. Rose B, 7th grade.
  • St George Elementary School, New Baden. Natalie May, teacher. Brianna S, 6th grade.
  • St Jacob Elementary School, St Jacob. Shirley Schmitt, teacher. Aryn J, 5th grade.
  • St Marys Elementary School, Trenton. Natalie May, teacher. Darrell C, 6th grade; Brooke H, 5th grade.
  • Summit Elementary School, Collinsville. Donna Moody, teacher. Alara M, 4th grade; Jason S, 4th grade.
  • Summit Hill School District 161, Frankfort. Jennifer McFarland, teacher. Jenny W, 4th grade.
  • Thomas Middle School, Arlington Hts. Danielle Schuh, teacher. Marisa G, 6th grade.
  • Washington Gifted School, Peoria. Betina Fleming, teacher. Grace Y, 6th grade.
  • White Eagle Elementary School, Naperville. Sharon Phares, teacher. Lauren L, 2nd grade; Christopher P, 2nd grade; Catherine G, 3rd grade; Yejun K, 4th grade; Sunita K, 5th grade.