Economic Concepts Poster Contest 2010 winners

Poster Contest regional recognitions at Kendall Elementary School

Economic Concepts Poster Contest
2010 State Winners

Over 3,700 students from 53 schools drew entries for the 6 regional contests. One hundred three teachers participated this year. At the conclusion of regional judging, each regional competition submitted their top 24 entries for judging at the state level. From these entries, 12 winners were selected, along with 40 honorable mention entries. Funding for 2010 program implementation and savings bond awards was provided by HSBC.

Professor Stephen Karlson, Director of the Northern Illinois University Office of Economic Education and professor of economics, congratulated Kendall Elementary School teacher Jenny Horsey on the regional awards received by her students. Kendall is part of Indian Prairie District 204, Naperville.

A 2011 12-month calendar of the twelve state winning drawings was distributed to all participating teachers.

2010 State Winners

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Elizabeth F Drawing Germantown Hills Middle School, Metamora. Terry Vaughn, teacher.
Elizabeth F, 6th grade. Productive Resources 
Ying B Drawing Grand Prairie Elementary School, Frankfort. Lindsay Reipsa, teacher.
Ying B, 1st grade. Goods and Services
Brooke P Drawing Grigsby Middle School, Granite City. Carol Cochran, teacher.
Brooke P, 7th grade. Goods and Services
Samantha C Drawing John A Bannes Elementary School, Tinley Park. Dottie McDowell, teacher. Samantha C, 4th grade. Opportunity Cost
Victoria M Drawing Meadow Ridge Elementary School, Orland Park. Carita Hall, teacher.
Victoria M, 3rd grade. Goods and Services
John R Drawing Nathan Hale Elementary School, Chicago. Lou Ann Pilas, teacher.
John R, 8th grade. Scarcity
Crystal C Drawing Patterson Elementary School, Naperville. Susan Stewart, teacher. Crystal C, 4th grade.  Specialization
Nicole L Drawing Patterson Elementary School, Naperville. Susan Stewart, teacher.
Nicole L, 2nd grade. Specialization
Alexus R Drawing St Bartholomew Elementary School, Chicago. Kathleen Gienko, teacher.  Alexus R, 7th grade. Scarcity
Avares P Drawing St Edmund School, Oak Park. Susan Sweeney, teacher.
Ayares P, 2nd grade. Producers and Consumers
Nicole F Drawing St Marys Elementary School, Trenton. Natalie May, teacher.
Nicole F, 6th grade.  Productive Resources
Jordan B Drawing Washington Gifted School, Peoria. Mindy Juriga, teacher.
Jordan B, 8th grade. Opportunity Cost

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