Curriculum Connections

The Stock Market Game

The Stock Market Game™ brings
curriculum resources to the classroom!

STEM connections

STEM is a national initiative to emphasize the importance of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math within the educational curriculum. The goal of the initiative is to better develop our K-12 students for increased rigor in the classroom, greater preparation for college coursework and insight into future employment possibilities.

The SMG program, Econ Illinois' STEM program, supports the Math emphasis through a comprehensive set of easy-to-use and flexible math activities that are aligned to National and State Learning Standards as well as to the Common Core Standards.  The lessons and activities develop proficiency in:

Charts and Graphs
Number sense

Understanding of statistics
Algebra skills
Writing in mathematics
Problem solving capacity

NIU Outreach STEM

Econ Illinois' activity booth at STEMfest STEMfest is an annual event hosted by NIU each fall. Hands-on activities, demonstrations and exhibits welcome families and school groups of all ages.

The Econ Illinois teacher booth provides information for school district administrators, principals and K-12 teachers. Educators of grades 4-12 are given information explaining how The Stock Market Game™ program supports cross-curricular integration in their classroom. Information is also available on a variety of lessons, publications and programs supporting STEM.



Real world applications to mathematics & language arts

About The Stock Market Game™

In Illinois, The Stock Market Game program is provided to grades 4-12 teachers at no cost. Participation is made possible by grants to Econ Illinois.

The SMG program's simple, focused lesson plans provide core concepts, enrichment activities and vocabulary that make the SMG easy to teach. SMG curriculum is age-appropriate for elementary, middle and high school students. As teachers use the curriculum to teach, student teams maintain a simulated $100,000 online portfolio. The stocks (and bonds and mutual funds, if desired) are real - the prices for buys and sells are real-time.

The Teacher Support Center is the registered SMG teacher's online resource. Resource links include curriculum, searchable by grade level and content area, as well as tutorials. Curriculum materials are aligned to National and State Learning Standards as well as to the Common Core Standards for Math and English-Language Art.  The program utilizes critical thinking applications which help to develop problem-solving skills.  Newsletters, publications, lessons & activities and more are available within the resource center.