Econ Illinois Young Professionals Group

Econ Illinois Young Professionals Group

The Econ Illinois Young Professionals Group (Econ IL YPG) is a group of professionals within the financial industry whose purpose is to network, volunteer, advocate and support.

To generate awareness of the need to provide economic and financial literacy education in K-12 grade classrooms by developing fun, sophisticated and meaningful opportunities to get involved in the cause.

In 2013, members of the Econ Illinois Board of Trustees formed the Econ IL YPG to bring together young professionals in the financial industry to educate them on the work of Econ Illinois.  The group represents the benefits of an economic and financial education and the mission of Econ Illinois.

Econ IL YPG members volunteer in classrooms, provide support through fundraisers and advocate the mission of Econ Illinois.  The Econ IL YPG provides opportunities to learn about the work of Econ Illinois and its Center partners, to meet other like-minded individuals and to find ways to make a difference in the lives of students.

How We Work
The Econ IL YPG is directed by the YPG Steering Committee.  The Steering Committee works to align the Econ IL YPG with Econ Illinois’ larger goals while facilitating the ongoing growth and success of the group.