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Huskie Family Welcome

Mission and Outcomes

  • Introduction:  Huskie Family Welcome is the official welcome to new students and their families into the NIU Huskie Family.  Previously called Academic Convocation, the event was envisioned as a "book-end" experience to graduation, mirroring some of the rituals and traditions present when students receive their academic degrees. Now, the newly named Huskie Family Welcome has emerged as a broader, more inclusive welcome into the NIU community for new students and their families, highlighting opportunities for students both inside and outside the classroom.
  • Mission:  The mission of the NIU Huskie Family Welcome is to welcome and celebrate incoming students and their family members, inviting them into the full and exciting experience of being members of the Huskie Family and sharing with them the key components of being a part of the University community.
  • Student Learning Outcomes:  Students and family members who attend Huskie Family Welcome will be able to:
    1. Describe how the Huskie Family Welcome event helped them feel welcomed into the Northern Illinois University community.
    2. Identify at least two opportunities for student involvement at NIU, one opprotunity inside the classroom and one opportunity outside the classroom.
    3. Identify at least one NIU tradition.