Huskie Minute – May 1, 2014

Dear Huskie Family Connections Member,

The following Huskie Minute features a few updates, events, and helpful tips to assist you and your student in having a safe and enjoyable semester. Beginning with the 2013 -2014 newly entering student group, ALL NIU families will begin receiving the Huskie Minute. Welcome to the Huskie Family!

In this issue

Move-Out Day Top Five List

Back by popular demand:

5. Remember, there must be space remaining in the vehicle for your student to come home too!

4. Are conditions favorable for the Room Condition Report? (Please complete and give to CA.)

3. The unidentifiable sludge in the mini-fridge doesn’t have to come home, it just can’t stay! (Clean.)

2. The whole family could go to Great America AND buy the giant, commemorative, hour-glass-shaped quart of pop “drink cup” for the fee charged to re-core the locks. (Turn in your keys.)

1. Keeping everyone safe is no laughing matter. (Please don’t park in the fire lane!)

And now, it's your turn. Author your own Move-Out list item and add it to the HFC Face book page. Make it funny and useful. Let's see how creatively humorous (and helpful) your list item can be!

Residence Hall Closings

With the exception of students graduating that semester, residents must vacate the residence halls each semester within 24 hours after their last examination or by 10 a.m. on the day following the last scheduled day of examinations (whichever comes first). If a student needs an extension to stay beyond the 24-hour deadline, they should contact their hall director.

Housing & Dining reserves the right to have students leave the residence hall one hour after their final examinations are completed if their conduct has been determined to be disruptive by the Complex Coordinator or his/her designee during or around finals week. Students who repeat disruptive behavior, or who do not promptly stop disruptive behavior when asked to by hall staff or police officers, may be required to immediately vacate the hall and not return for the remainder of exam week.

Room Checkout: It’s Right Around the Corner!

If your student lives in the residence halls, take note of the room checkout process before leaving. Since that time is right around the corner, here are a few tips to share with your student to ensure that the process is smooth as can be:

Find Out Important Information. Students need to take responsibility for finding out important checkout information, reading flyers and attending meetings. Encourage your student to ask the C.A. if unsure of what to do. A Room Condition Report must be completed.

Keep Move-out on the Radar. The checkout process isn’t optional! Everyone must comply with hall policies. Ignoring the process just makes things messy – and potentially expensive.

Connect with Your Student Staff Member. Students need to plan when they will check out, once they’ve examined the final exam schedule. Undergraduate students are asked to vacate the residence hall within 24 hours of their last exam. Encourage your student to connect with the C.A. to make a check out appointment to complete the Room Condition Report ahead of time. This is most respectful of the C.A.’s time, as well as making the process much smoother for your student.

Get Cleaning. That sticky rug tape residue, the dust bunnies behind furniture and more need to be cleaned up before your student checks out.  Remind your student that, not only is leaving a filthy room disrespectful to the kind cleaning staffers, it is irresponsible and costly, too.

Put Things Back. Any furniture that was moved into the closet needs to be put back on the floor. Walls and doors need to be cleaned up. Drawers need to be emptied. Considering all of these “little things” can ensure that the room is left in as good of a condition as it was found.

Start Packing Ahead of Time. Move-out day is not the time to do all the packing! Encourage your student to get started ahead of time by sorting which things can be packed ahead of time, and which will be needed in the last few days.

Keys. Keys must be turned in at the Main Desk. If the key is not turned-in, charges will be assessed for re-coring of locks; not just the door, but desks and closets too. This can be very costly! Students are not considered withdrawn from the residence hall until all personal possessions have been removed, they have checked out with a hall staff member, and their room key has been returned to the residence hall Main Desk.

Parking. For move-out, parents may park on the street in front of the Residence Halls. Please, for everyone’s safety, DO NOT park in the fire lane. Not only is this dangerous, it is illegal!

Also Consider…

-          Transportation. How will your students get to their summer destination? In their own vehicle? Will you borrow a truck or van to pick them up? Or maybe another mode of transportation makes most sense.

-          Containers. Boxes, trash bags and other containers are often at a premium during the end of the year. Making sure your student is well-equipped to start packing ahead of time will save time on move-out day!

-          Stuff Disposal. It’s important that students find out how to discard and recycle unwanted items within the halls. They can’t just leave items in their room or the hall, so encourage your student to talk with residence hall staff ahead of time.

-          Saying Goodbye. Saying goodbye to friends and moving on can be emotional for many students. Be prepared that move-out day won’t be all about the tasky things – it’ll likely involve seeking out friends, meeting parents and more.

Front desks will officially close on the morning of Saturday, May 10th. Any mail that is not forwarded via the post office will be sent to the summer desk operations in Stevenson Hall to be forwarded. Students are encouraged to check their mailbox during finals week as well as one last time when checking out of the building to ensure all mail has been collected.

When computing the amount of any refund or charges, students are not considered withdrawn from the residence hall until all personal possessions have been removed, they have checked out with a hall staff member, and their room key has been returned to the residence hall Main Desk. All beds must be reassembled (Stevenson Towers) to the original configuration as they were at check-in. Students are assessed $50 for not officially checking out of the residence hall, plus the cost to replace all room door and associated locks if the room key is not returned at the time of check-out. Keys returned by mail or at a later date do not remove the lock change charges from the student’s financial obligation. No credit will be given on any keys returned following check-out.

For more information pertaining to moving out of the residence halls, please contact the Residential Administration Office at 815-753-1525.

Game, set, match! Men’s tennis ends regular season atop MAC -

The Huskies are the MAC regular season champions after finishing the season with a 5-2 win over Buffalo (11-6, 1-2 MAC) on Friday. This is the first time the Huskies have claimed the MAC regular season championship in the program’s history. The team finished the season undefeated in conference play at 4-0, boasting an 18-5 overall record to go along with that. - See more at:

 Finals Week Treats

Don’t forget to use your Huskie Family Connections membership to order a finals week care package for your student on campus. Simple Sweets Bakery provided the beautiful and delicious desserts at Fall Family Weekend. You can order online at or call 847-293-6656.

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STEM Summer Camps                    

STEM is offering some engaging, educating and exiting summer camps your younger students may be interested in.

 Engineering Amusement (middle school)

 Exploring STEM - through Art, Nature, Waterbotics, Lego EV3 Robotics, or Chemistry (middle school)

STEM Career Explorations - Health Care, Engineering, Science, and Video Game Design (high school)

Preventing the Robopocalypse (high school)

Exploring Majors Webinar

NIU has hosted  free webinars this spring on “Choosing Your Major” with Steve Barleen, associate director of the NIU Academic Advising Center, leading the conversation. The final webinar in a series of 3 webinars is scheduled from 3 to 4 p.m. on  Monday: May 5. Registration is available online.


Bachelors of Fine Arts Show

An exhibition of work by NIU School of Art students receiving BFA degrees with emphasis in ceramics, drawing, fibers, illustration, metalwork and jewelry, painting, photography, printmaking, sculpture and time arts is being held from April 28th to May 1st in the Jack Olson Gallery in the Art building on campus. A reception will be held on Thursday, May 1, 4:30pm-6:00pm. For more information .

Information for some articles has been taken from NIU Today and/or the NIU web site.

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