Huskie Minute – July 25, 2013

Dear Huskie Family Connections Member!

The following Huskie Minute features a few updates, events, and helpful tips to assist you and your student in having a safe and enjoyable fall semester. Beginning with the 2013 -2014 newly entering student group, ALL NIU families will begin receiving the Huskie Minute. Welcome to the Huskie Family!

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Welcome to All New NIU Families

It has been a pleasure to meet our new NIU families this summer at the Huskie Family Connections session at Orientation and the Northern Neighborhood Resource Fair. This is the first year that HFC conducted an Orientation session. It has been a success that we hope to continue to develop. There are just two more Orientation sessions left in August. If you are in one of those groups, please join us at 10:30 in room 405 of the Holmes Student Center. We’ll inform you of all we have to offer your student and your family.

At NIU, we know how important it is to your student’s success for you to be positively involved in their college career. That’s what HFC is all about; helping our NIU families to support their students. Summer’s a’ fleeting; pack in all the fun and love you can!


It will be here before you know it! Move-In Day for new students is Aug. 22, 2013. The Welcome Days committee has many events planned for your students and you to begin a great academic year. Huskie Family Connections will sponsor Family Fair on Aug. 22nd from 4:00 to 5:00 p.m. in the Recreation Center. Your student will be attending the Residence Hall meeting. Come join us for a little respite from the busy day and to find answers to last minute questions. Financial Aid will be ready with two stations for individual consultations and over 15 other NIU Resources will also be represented. For more information about all the Welcome Days events,



Huskie Football

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Student and Family Handbooks Available Online

Access the information you need to know. Student and Family Handbooks are now available online at  From there, click on Important Resources.


New Student Issues

Students preparing to dive into college for the first time may have a lot of things on their minds, such as:


-          Feeling sad about leaving established friends and family at home

-          Concern about issues of “belonging” and finding a comfortable place on campus

-          Excitement coupled with anxiety about making a fresh start

-          Worry about academics being “hard” and beyond their abilities

-          Thinking about what type of first impression they’ll make

-          Concern about roommates and housing (if living on campus)

-          Wondering what to pack and what to leave at home since space will be limited

-          Possibly transitioning into a long-distance relationship or deciding to end a current relationship

-          Financial worries – wondering if they’ll be able to make enough during the summer and also how much they’ll need to work once school begins

-          What to expect during orientation and what questions to ask so they’ll be prepared for the fall semester


Contact Information

Don’t forget to update your mailing address as well as email information in order to insure that you are receiving all mailings and updates from Huskie Family Connections. Please contact Huskie Family Connections at 815-753-4444 or to update your personal information.



Discussing Finances with Your Student

Having money conversations with students is an opportunity for them to continue growing into responsible adults. Through these discussions, they can become more aware and better understand your perspective as well.

The key is keeping these conversations clear, civil and filled with care. Here are some tips to take into consideration when discussing finances with your student…

Recognize the Emotions. Money can become an emotional issue at times, since it’s so tied into one’s sense of well being and, at times, self-worth. You can state this fact up front, so you and your student feel freer to discuss how you’re feeling as you also discuss the monetary facts.

Make Time to Focus. Set aside uninterrupted time, with any paperwork spread out in front of you, so you can really delve into budgetary details with your student.

Include Your Student. Recognize your tendency to want to protect your student from some financial realities, yet balance it with the importance of including her in these sometimes-difficult conversations – it’s an important part of her maturation process.

Take Time Outs. If anyone gets frustrated and angry, disperse and come back when folks are calm.

Share Your Perspective. Use “I” statements as much as possible (“I feel like you are working so hard to help pay the bills that you’re not able to get involved in some important parts of college life. Let’s figure how we can alleviate some of that pressure on you…”).

Work Together Toward Solutions. Talk about realistic things you can all do to address the current financial situation – from where your student can cut back to loans you might consider – as part of an “all hands on deck” collaborative approach

Having these money conversations is an important part of the collegiate experience.

Here is a resource to help you discuss monetary topics more in-depth:

360 Degrees of Financial Literacy for College Students

Explore the Science of Beer with STEM Café, Two Brothers Brewing Company Aug. 6

On Tuesday, Aug. 6, at 6:30 p.m., NIU STEM Outreach invites you to Two Brothers Roundhouse (205 N. Broadway, Aurora) when STEM Café presents “The Science of Beer.”

The program is free and open to the public. Food and drinks are available for purchase from Two Brothers.

The next time you grab a frosty mug of your favorite brew, consider this: the beer that you drink is created in labs, viewed under microscopes, analyzed and inspected to ensure the correct oxygen levels and alcohol content. All that science goes into every sip, every pint, every keg, so that your favorite beer looks, smells and tastes like your favorite beer every single time you drink it.

Two Brothers Brewing Company is the largest independently owned and operated craft brewer in Chicagoland. Brothers Jim and Jason Ebel founded the brewery in 1997 and have dedicated themselves to creating artisan beers from their headquarters in Warrenville and their new location at the historic Roundhouse in Aurora.

Jeremy Bogan has been involved in hand-crafting Two Brothers beers for more than ten years. His Aug. 6 talk will focus on the science involved in brewing.

Two Brothers head brewer and brewhouse manager Jeremy Bogan will host the STEM Café. He plans to lead a tour of the new Two Brothers Brewhouse and discuss the processes of choosing ingredients, milling, mashing, wort production, filtration and centrifuging.

Jeremy Bogan began his brewing career at the bottom. He was working for a local liquor distributer and brewing as a hobby when he saw an entry-level opening at Two Brothers. “I started out washing kegs and worked my way up to head brewer by doing every job I could and learning as much as possible about beer.”

Bogan says that most people would be surprised about how much science is involved in brewing. “We have two full-time lab technicians who focus on everything from quality control and analytics to the growth of microorganisms in our fermentation processes.”

Bogan is excited to share his passion for brewing and his extensive knowledge of the beer-making process with the public. “My only complaint about being a brewer is that I need to find a new hobby,” Bogan jokes. “When you brew for a living, you just don’t feel like home-brewing on the weekends.”

Visitors to the Aug 6 STEM Café will get a behind-the-scenes look at beer technology, including Two Brothers’ state-of-the-art bottling line.

Two Brothers will offer complimentary beer samples to attendees who are 21 and over.  Visitors to the STEM Café are encouraged to taste outside of their comfort zone during the event. “We have a great, well-balanced line of beers,” says Rachel Sosnoski, Two Brothers marketing manager. “But it will be fun for people to try some of our more extreme brews like the Hop Centric Double IPA or our sour beer.”

According to Bogan, sour beer is one of the most complicated beers to brew, one of the most science-intensive. Sour beers are fermented using bacteria rather than yeast. The process takes around 18 months (compared to the one to three weeks for yeast fermentation). During that time, the bacteria cultures must be monitored and nurtured to produce just the right levels of tang and sweetness that make sour beers so unique.

Jeremy Bogan and organizers from NIU STEM Outreach hope that facts like this will help attendees come away with a greater appreciation of the science in their everyday lives—one of the goals of the monthly STEM Café programs.

“Science, technology, engineering, and math are all around us,” says Judith Dymond, NIU’s STEM Café coordinator. “We think these cafés are perfect for raising awareness of STEM and sharing the latest cutting-edge discoveries in a fun, casual way.”

For more information on upcoming STEM Cafés and other events from NIU STEM Outreach, visit or contact Judith Dymond at or (815) 753-4751.

By Gillian King-Cargile










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