HSC Hotel


Accessibility and ADA Services


On the EAST side of the building is an ADA approved ramp which permits individuals to enter on the main level of the building. On the WEST side an entrance is available that opens onto the ground floor and permits access to the ADA approved elevators.

Rest Rooms:

ADA approved rest rooms are available on three levels within the Holmes Student Center.

  • Main level - Near south entrance across from general office
  • Sixteenth floor - Sky Room
  • Basement level - Huskies Den


The tower elevators are located on the WEST side of the Holmes Student Center and are ADA approved with accessible control boards, handrails, and sound chimes to denote up and down and floor location.

In addition, ADA approved elevator access is available to the Huskies Den and other basement level areas adjacent to the west entry into the Duke Ellington Ballroom.

Hotel Accommodations:

The Hotel has four (4) rooms that are ADA approved. Rooms can also be supplied with light detectors or wake up devices for the hearing impaired. All hotel floors have floor signage and braille and all hotel doors have braille room numbers.

Meeting Room Assistance:

In the large rooms, the Sandburg auditorium, Duke Ellington Ballroom, and Regency, persons who are hearing-impaired can be given a device to amplify the sound system. Requests for this service should be made in advance or by informing the hotel desk that the device is needed.


Persons with disabilites may park on Carroll Avenue in three (3) handicapped parking areas. Curb cuts provide access on the west side of the Holmes Student Center.


The University Bookstore provides an electric wheelchair lift to access the downstairs area which includes textbooks, trade books, art supplies, and the service desk.


All public telephone locations have an ADA approved telephone area. In addition, TDDs are available at the telephone locations and at the Information Desk of the General Office.

Computer Lab:

There are 2 handicapped accessible computer stations on reserve in the Computer Lab on the main floor with an enlarged monitor and screen reader.


Signage denoting room numbers in the hotel, offices in the Center, and meeting rooms are ADA approved with braille underneath the written locations or number.