Room Sign-up


Housing sign up and room selection can be an involved process. Follow our step by step guide below and save yourself some stress!

Step 1: Receiving information about Housing.

After being officially admitted to the University, new students are automatically sent a Residence Hall information packet. If you do not receive a copy, check your enrollment status with Northern Illinois University's Office of Registrations and Records. We do not get your name to send out housing information until you are officially accepted to NIU. If you need another copy, you may contact Housing & Dining at 815-753-1525 or email us at

Returning NIU students who are already living in the residence halls do not need to re-sign-up for housing.
However, returning NIU students who DO NOT live in the residence halls need to sign-up for housing.

Step 2: Sign Up for Housing

You were assigned a Z ID as part of your NIU acceptance (example: z98765432). This identifier is permanent. You will use it for access to computing and communications services on campus. If you have not yet logged in to your account, your initial password is your date of birth in YYYYMmmDD format. Mmm is the first 3 characters of the Month: January = "Jan", February = "Feb", etc. Example: Victoria Huskie was born January 1, 1987. Her default/initial password would be 1987Jan1. This is a temporary password. You can change your password by going to and following the on-screen instructions.

There are two options to submit your contract and deposit:

Option 1: You will make your $150 prepayment by credit card at the time you complete your Housing & Dining contract. To sign up for on-campus housing go to Housing Sign Up. You will need to know you NIU Z ID and Z ID password to log in. Once you are logged in, follow the series of form screens. The demographic information for your contract should be filled in for you, based on the information you supplied to Northern Illinois University when you applied for admission.

Option 2: You may download the contract from the website (or call our office to have a copy mailed to you) and mail it with your check or money order for $150.00 to:

Residential Administration
East Neptune Hall
DeKalb, Illinois 60115

Step 3: Room Selection

Once your housing contract has been processed, you will receive an information packet in the mail. This information packet will contain your housing selection number and a packet of room selection information. This lets you know what day and time you will be able to go online in late spring semester to select your room and gives you the most up-to date information of the room and floor types available. After reviewing the materials, go online to pick your room on or after your designated lottery day and time. If you would like to “pull in” a roommate during room selection, just make sure that the person is already an accepted NIU student who has also completed a Housing & Dining contract. You will need that person’s Housing Application Number. It will be on their Contract Guarantee letter.

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University Residency Requirement

All single, new freshman students who will not have reached their 21st birthday by September 1, and who are not residing with their parents or legal guardians, or are not the custodial parent of a dependent child, must live in University residence halls as long as space is available. To expedite your compliance with the University Residency Requirement, you must apply for a residence hall, unless you plan to apply for an exemption to the requirement.

Students are not typically released from their contract to commute from home, move in with a friend, or change to off-campus housing. Residnce hall contacts are for a full academic year (August-May) as long as as the student is enrolled at Northern Illinois University during the contract period. If you are not prepared to commit to live on campus, do not submit a contract or select a room.

To seek an exemption to the university residency requirement, you must promptly (before the end of the first week of classes) submit documentation that verifies your exemption request. We do not have access to any personal records (such as marital status, having a dependent child, or served at least one year of military service) so your submission of a University Residency Requirement Exemption Request or a Freshmen Application to Commute is the best way for you to ensure that you are removed from our billing list if you meet the exemption criteria.