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Cisco NAC at NIU

The Historical Perspective

In the past, due to the impact of viruses and worms on the NIU network:

  • The resources at the ResTech Helpdesk were stretched to the limit by the sheer volume of infected computers that needed disinfecting
  • The ResTech Helpdesk’s ability to provide a variety of high-quality technical services and support to residents of the halls was diminished
  • Viruses destroyed information on student computers and compromised other computers on the NIU network
  • Hundreds of residents’ computers were so severely infected that they were removed from the network for days or even weeks
  • Network services for many users was interrupted

Why Cisco NAC?

  • As a state institution, NIU is obligated to manage its resources in accordance with industry best practice guidelines and external audit recommendations. The NIU network is one of those resources.
  • Cisco’s NAC (and similar products) is designed to address critical network management and security issues; such products are in use on many campuses.
  • Cisco NAC enables residents to keep their computer updated with the latest Windows security patches and to install and update anti-virus software (free through NIU).
  • Cisco NAC helps residents get on-line and stay on-line, getting the most out of their high-speed Internet connection and NIU's wireless access.

How It Works

  • Requires authentication to the network for all persons living in the residence halls.
  • Cisco NAC performs the following checks:
    • Microsoft Critical Updates
    • AntiVirus Software Installed
    • AntiVirus Definitions
    • Enable Windows firewall and Automatic Updates
  • Mac and Linux must authenticate by logging in via a web page.
  • Cisco NAC is scheduled to re-certify personal Windows machines every 30 days at 5am.
  • Cisco NAC is scheduled to re-authenticate Mac and Linux every 30 days at 5am.

As always, the ResTech Helpdesk is available to assist residents with computer issues.

Please contact us at (815)753-6267 if you are having problems with Cisco NAC or any of the services available to you.