On-Campus Housing

Winter Break Checklist

Leaving for Winter Break?
Below is a checklist of items to be taken care of BEFORE you take off for the Holiday season.

  • Close and lock your windows*
  • Close curtains
  • Remove any trash from room to keep out any unwanted guests (mice, bugs, etc..)
  • Turn OFF your alarm clock
  • Defrost freezer
  • Keep Microfridge PLUGGED IN on setting “2”
  • Be sure fridge and freezer doors are closed
  • Take any perishable foods with you or throw them out
  • Turn off and unplug any electronic equipment (tv, computer, etc…)
  • Take any valuables with you (the University is not responsible for any personal property)
  • Turn off Lights
  • Close and lock your door when you leave

* It is extremely important to close and lock your room window(s). With the cold temperatures that winter brings, leaving a window open can cause pipes to burst. Any damage due to pipes bursting and/or flooding will be billed to the residents of the room.

Any Questions?
Call the Work Request Office at 753-4948, or visit our office located in Neptune East, room 121.